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I must tell you something


I am very happy to be home again for a week - I came along to rest a little last week. I didn' tell you, but before I left on my big trip I met Anadine - she is an eagle, too. And we fell in love. We agreed to stay together for the rest of our live as a couple - of course I am allowed to travel - like she is.

And do you know what happened?

While I was on my trip and met so many nice and lovely new friends she hatched many eggs. And now I am father of many, many little eagles.


Today I came to school with Barbara and you should have seen the faces of my German friends, when they saw my chicks.

Anadine and me had agreed before to give some of our chicks to my friends. Every German child got one, but before they had to find a good name and to sign an agreement that they are going to take good care.

They found very nice names, like PICO, MONDSCHEIN, ADDIE JR., ...


These are the first 8 chicks who left their net.



I think they look very happy!


Addie is home


What a happy day: ADDIE IS HOME AGAIN



As we thought Addie would need some fresh air, we went out and made a funny game.

Do you know "Kirschkern weitspucken"


Even Addie took part

Folding some friends for COCO and Poupou

Last Tuesday we folded some cocks as friends for COCO and POUPOU. You can find a folding instruction here: FOLDING A COCK (It is a German page, but the folding instructions uses no words - only pictures).

We know that you all are already on holidays.

We have another three weeks to go. Perhaps some of you still check our twinspace in holidays. We are sure you will do latest after summer holiday.



Time to say good bye
Writing postcards

Yesterday Ahmet- Ali, Julia, Celina and Coco wrote postcards

to their friends in Spain and France.

Today I posted letters with the postcards in. As we fear that the letters won't arrive you before your holidays start. By this I scanned them. My kids wrote the text in German and I send you a doc with a translation. Here I only post the Englsih text:

1. Card to France
Hello friends,
Coco and Poupou are all ok. They are sweating very much, as it is very warm here (30 C). Coco is looking forward to go home. Pouopou can’t believe, as lessons ended earlier today, because it was so warm. And we got no homework to do. Perhaps we will meet at eTwinning
2. Card to France
Hello friends,
Coco is very nice with us. He already feels home here. In the moment it is very warm here. One month and then we’ll have holidays !!!!

3. Card to France
Hello friends,
How is the weather at your place? At us it is very warm. Because of this we got no homework today and lessons ended earlier.
1. Card to Spain
Hello friends,
I am looking forward to meet Addie again. I hope Addie is feeling well. We want to say thank you for your postcards

2. Card to Spain
Hello friends,
We had a videoconference with you and this was really cool. Best wishes to you and Addie
3. Card to Spain
Hello friends,
How is the weather at your place? At us it is very warm. Because of this we got no homework today and lessons ended earlier.


Visit to Gijón
How to come to Moers

Coco, Leonella / Leon and addie will go home. Perhaps alll want to meet some day in Moers (or somebody other wants to visit us). Last Tuesday we checked the distances to go by car:


From Bonar to Moers you have to cross these countries: Spain, France, Belgiuqe, the Netherlands and Germany. The distance is very long: 1739 km. Perhaps to far to go by car :-(


From Nice to Moers ist is shorter: 1202km (but even very long)

You would cross: France, Italy, Switzerland, Germany

Visiting Paula!


Paula is a nice girl

She is an excellent reader and she read for me beautiful stories.

We also saw Andrea and her little dog.

We were playing together and we had so much fun. 

At last we were so tired that we fall asleep very quickly!!!


Another day at Kyra's

Another day I went to visit Kyra's house.  

  She has beautiful dolls.

We also spent some time listening to music and doing homework. 

Then we took a snack.


I had so much fun!!!




I visited Joel!!!

I also love going to Joel's home!!!! We always do lots of funny things!!!     

This time we were to the supermarket, we were playing with the building blocks and... we were playing the electronic keyboard with his cousin Abel!!!! It was fantastic!!

But we also had to study!!! We had an important test the next day!!!

And, as we were very very hungry we had a delicious dinner!!!

Of course we brushed our teeth after this delicious food!

Can you see Addie?

Where is Addie?



Click on the image and you will see the solution!


A long weekend at Albin's

As Vuvox ix shut down - here a screencast

An english lesson

Dear friends,


last Wednesday Coco took part in an English lesson with Ahmet Ali`s class. They have many hand puppets ...



Claudia and me were ill

My dear friends,

It is very cold here in Boñar and Claudia and I were ill.

We had a very bad cold, high fever, cough!!!

But do not worry!!!

Fortunately we have already recovered and we are very well!!!


Visiting Raúl again!!!

I love going to Palazuelo with Raúl, his brother David and sister Rebeca.

We went for a long walk in the countryside!!!


Coco loves to be tickled!

Nuria and Romi, a woman working in our OGS, tested whether Coco is ticklesh. See yourself:


Coco in the newspaper

As we reported before Coco visited with a group from OGS the town hall.
This weekend a local newspaper reported about.


Do you see Coco non the photo?


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