German Trees and their Barks

Students from class 9e from Gymnasium Bad Nenndorf in Germany have compiled some fact sheets with important information on some of the most common kinds of trees in their home country. So you can get a better feeling for the trees' texture the students have also created plaster casts showing the structure and the form of the trees' barks. Find out more under "Project Activities" in the section "Trees of Germany".


Happy New Year

 Every member of the project wishes you...


... a happy new year!

...szczęśliwego nowego roku!

...bonne année!

...gott nytt år!

...frohes neues Jahr!


Everybody from the Comenius Trees project wishes you ....

... Merry Christmas

... Joyeux Noel

... Wesołych Świąt

... God Jul

... Fröhliche Weihnachten

European Forest Week

Find out more about how students at teachers at Lycee Francais St Louis in Stockholm celebrated this year's European Forest Week in our Twin Space!

Trip to the Harz Mountains

As part of the project activities a German class from Gymnasium Bad Nenndorf went to the Harz mountains at the end of November to find out about the use of this forest in the past and today. Find more under "Project Acitivities".

Project Meeting in Warsaw - the last day

On Wednesday everybody met at 9 am for the last day of project work. Different groups worked on several assignments to make the results of our trip to the national park available to the students of all four schools. Pupils produced a written report, a power point slide show and a movie trailer, all of which can be found on the project's Twin Space. A special highlight waas the planting of the first European garden in which you can now find a typical tree from each of the participatin nations. In the afternoon students and teachers took the opportunity to do some sightseeing in the Polish capital before the groups from Champagné, Stockholm and Bad Nenndorf returned back home. Everybody really enjoyed our stay in Poland and we are looking forward to meeting again in Stockholm in March.

Project Meeting in Warsaw - the fourth day

That day we were at school at 6AM. We went  to Białowieski Park Narodowy by bus. On the way we had a twenty-minute stop, so we arrived to Białowieża at 10.30. We visited the Park Narodowy and we saw a beautiful forest and amazing flora. We were at a musem of nature where we saw pictures of fauna and flora and watched stuffed animals. After that we watched animals at Puszcza Białowieska and we saw European bison, elks, one lynks and deers - it was very interesting and amazing. Then we had a traditional Polish  dinner. We came back to Warsaw at 10PM. We all were very tired! find out more by watching our movie trailer:


Project Meeting in Warsaw - the third day

We came to Bednarska school at 9.15 and it was the first project day. We had treat and big dinner:). Then we talked about trees and translated parts of the tree into our national languages-it was fun!

Then we went to the Old Town of Warsaw-It was like very interesting history lesson. I think it was very  good idea!



Project Meeting in Warsaw - the second day

We met at Raszyńska at 9AM and then we went to Łazienki Królewskie Park. We walked around and had history lesson about this place.

Then we had free time and many of us went to a restaurant or bowling:)

Project Meeting in Warsaw - the first day

On 16 november German, French& Swedish people arrived to Poland.

French people arrived at 17.40 at Chopin Airport.

German people arrived at 19.40 at Dworzec Centralny.

Swedish people arrived at 20.15 at Chopin Airport.

We welcomed them very warmly!

Then they came to our houses and chilled out! Then we had time to get to know  each other!

Presentation of prizes in Bad Nenndorf
On Friday November 8, 2013 in the second break Gymnasium Bad Nenndorf presentet the prizes to the 15 winners of our quiz during the Kick-off event. The prizes were apple juice prodused from by our school and the comenius shirt for the three best. The fourth and fifth prize was the shirt and the sixth to tenth prize was a CD from our school band. The last five prizes were Haribo wine gum.

Winner of the Logo Competition has been chosen!

After a tough comptetition with many good entries, a winner for the logo competition has been chosen. The winning design, which will appear on all publications related to the project, was drawn by Leonie Krause from Gymnasium Bad Nenndorf (Germany).


Kick Off-Event in Warsaw

The Project Kick-Off Event in Warsaw had been planned to take place in two phases. The first phase took place on October 21 in the middle of the day with a number of students gathering in the very central part of the school - teacher's room - designing and cutting out images of trees as well as printing out images of leaves in colours of national flags of the countries participating in the Project. Having done that teams of students spread around the school putting up everything on the walls with the main tree and Comenius sign facing the main entrance to the school building. Those, who left classes during the break saw the newly decorated school suprised what was happening. The second phase of the Kick-Off Event is planned for the coming week. The ground has been prepared, the teams are ready. So wait for it to be unveiled soon.


Excitedly awaiting the result of the logo competition

 By now all partners are close to having chosen a school winner of our logo competition and everyone is awaiting the final vote on a logo to be used for publications and as a part of our corporate design.   

Logo Competition

In  October logo competitions are being held at all four schools. Students are asked to design a logo which will appear on all publications related to the project and also on T-shirts to be worn by participants during special events. At each school, one winner will be picked and then the four schools decide on one winner - which will soon be pictured here.


Kick-off Event at Gymnasium Bad Nenndorf to mark the beginning of the new Comenius Project "TREES"

The students at Gymnasium Bad Nenndorf (Germany) celebrated the beginning of their new Comenius Partnership entitled "TREES" with a large party in the school's main assembly hall. Stundents were invited to take a look at an exhibition with information on the project, take part in a quiz, win prizes and enjoy the music. Watch the movie on You Tube:



Kick Off-Event in Stockholm

The students at the Lycée Français Saint Louis in Stockholm came to school one September morning to discover that their school had been invaded by trees and other forest-like pictures.

They saw that a 20m liana was running through the main staircase and strange letters were pasted on the ceiling. The message read: Comenius Project TREES!

What a surprise for them! They were all wondering what was happening..."What's Comenius?" some were asking and "Wow, what a change! Can you tell us what's going on?" some others were saying.

The Comenius club students were glad to answer all the questions...that's how the project started in Stockholm! 

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