Project Meeting at Bad Nenndorf - The fourth day


On the last full day of the project meeting everyone met early at school and finished our presentations and prepare displays of the project work at the four schools. After these presentations, a "European Apple Tree" was planted in front of the school's main building to commemorate the project.  Sadly, that was the last day of the project meeting as on Tuesday the European guests all returned to their home countries. We have all had a lot of fun in the whole Comenius "TREES"  project.

Project Meeting at Bad Nenndorf - The third day


First we went at school and prepared some presentations to document the project work. In the afternoon everybody left the school for a ral forest experience as we headed to the nearby "Deister" to see the famous "Süntelbuchen " and other points of interest.

Project Meeting at Bad Nenndorf - The second day


On the second day everybody got up early for our trip to Hamburg. First we went to a chocolate museum, where we made our own chocolate☺. After that we went to the harbour and made a tour on a ship. It was a long and tasty day☺.

Project Meeting at Bad Nenndorf - The first day

 On the first day of the final project meeting in Bad Nenndorf the 23 guests from Sweden, Poland and France and their host partners from Germany met at the assembly hall. There we took part in some ice-breaking activities. After that we there was a rallye through Bad Nenndorf and in the afternoon everyone went to Hanover. There went on a tour through the old town and had time to go shopping. In the evening we went on a tour at the printery of the “HAZ“ newspaper.

Trees and Ovid

Trees already played an important role in Latin fiction as 10th graders from Bad Nenndorf found out when studying the tale of Baucis and Philemon which is part of the Metamorphoses by Ovid. You can find out more under Project Acitivities under the heading "Trees in Fcition". 


Comenius Project at Gymnasium Bad Nenndorf's Open Door Day


The Open Door Day at Gymnasium Bad Nenndorf is very important for parents and children. Parents had the chance to see what our school is like and the children could see what different classes are like. We used this opportunity: we created an exibition and presented our Comenius project. We had different posters on the walls, about things that we did during  our project meetings, for example the Vasa Museum in Sweden. People who came to see our exibition could answer five questions, about the things that were on the posters and if they got everything right, they won sweets. They could also answer an additional question and if the answer was correct, too, they were given a calender. All in all, things went well and we had a fun day presenting our project.

Good News: European forests are growing

Contrary to what many people think European forests are in fact growing. In Europe, the area covered by forests has increased by more than 17 million hectares over the past 20 years. In Germany there are today one million hectares more than two decades ago!

Virtual Magazine now online

 A virtual magazine - created by Collège Wilbur Wright in France - is now online. Just follow the link and find lots of information alongside numerous pictures of our proejct meeting in Champagné which took place last November:



Trees in the Bible

The pictures about the tree of revelation and the tree of life have been uploaded!

You can look at them at the project activities.

We hope you enjoy it! :)

Calendar for 2015
The four schools  prepared a calendar for this year. The painting are very great, as all four schools worked together on this project and all the pictures were made by the students of the four participating schools.
All of them are about the topic trees, of course. You find all the pictures on the Twin Space as well.
Happy New Year 2015

The whole Comenius TREES team would like to wish you ...


Happy New Year!

Bonne Année

Gott nytt årI

Szczęśliwego nowego roku!

Frohes neues Jahr!
Project meeting at Champagné

The TREES Comenius project has an enriching and packed project meeting at Champagné close to Le Mans in France.

Having arrived on Saturday the partners from four countries met on Sunday to get to know each other and watch different feature films connected to the project's topic of trees and forests aiming at discussing its meaning for our theme and the messages conveyed.

The following day was dedicated to getting to know the beautiful old town of Le Mans with its cathedral and many timbered houses on the one hand and on the other hand to visiting a workshop on the use and production of wooden instruments from all over the world. The definite highlight was a visit at the palace and gardens of Versailles the home to three French kings in the 17th and 18th century. Especially vsiting the gardens showed students a strongly regulating approach to nature as being totally opposed to for example what they saw at the natural forest of Bialowieza in Poland.

Working at school the final day is dedicated to getting to shared results, for example writing fictional diary entries of people working and living at Versailles or reporting on the instruments the students got to know. As well the European garden will be planted in Champagné like we did in Warsaw and Stockholm before.    

Exhibition "Trees of Europe"

After four weeks the exhibition "Trees of Europe" at Gymnasium Bad Nenndorf closed today. Students and teachers had the opportunity to have a look at the displays which contained information on the project activities conducted at the four schools. The exhibition was subdivided into four parts: The first section featured information on different kinds of trees found across all four countries and even some plaster models of these trees' barks. In the second part one could learn about the different uses of wood in the past, e.g. for shipbuilding or as fuel. In the next section the visitors found information regarding the use of wood today while the last part was devoted to different efforts to protect forests all across Europe. Moreover more than 60 students took part in a quiz about the exhibits and three lucky ones even won a mug with the project's logo.

German Students Visiting Warsaw

 Ten students from Gymnasium Bad Nenndorf who are taking a special course on National Socialism visited Warsaw from June 21st to 27th to work on a project with the title "History in Trees - Trees in History". The German delegation visited for example the former site of the Warsaw getto, the memorial in Treblinka and the Museum of the Warsaw Uprising in 1944. In so doing the students took pictures and filmed videos and they will use the footage to create short films about the topic which you can soon watch on the project's YouTube channel.



The film about our trip to Stockholm (Sweden) is done. Just follow this link:



Project Meeting in Stockholm - The Fourth Day

 On Wednesday students are busy making presentations about the trip to the Tumba Museum. Other activities of the last day include the presentations of the four schools' project work over the past four months and the planting of the second European garden in the school yard. 

Project Meeting in Stockholm - The Third Day

 On the third day the Comenius group has an early start to travel to Tumba, a small town southwest of Stockholm. There we are visiting a museum where students and teachers can learn a lot about paper making and the production of money bills in the past and today. As an extra treat everybody can make their own sheet of hand-made paper.

Project Meeting in Stockholm - The Second Day

On the second day of everybody is working hard to create power point presentations, texts and even a film about the trip to the Vasa Museum on Sunday. In the afternoon the whole group are going on a tour of Stockholm's lovely old town where we can see the Royal Palace, the seat of the Swedish paliament and also one of the narrowest alleys of the world.

Project Meeting in Stockholm - The First Day

From March 15 to March 20 the second project meeting of the "TREES" Project is taking place in Stockholm. After everybody had arrived in the Swedish capital on Saturday students and teachers from the four participating schools met at Lycée Francais St Louis and took part in some mingling activities before embarking on a short tour of the school. At noon the whole group went to the Vasa-Museum to take a look at one of the most famous wooden ships which however sank before her maiden voyage had even really begun. Find out more on the Twin Space.



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