Communication with Poland







 Spanish students working in TWINSPACE.

Checking new posts and messages, writing comments,

oppinions and publishing new posts in the PUPILS CORNER.


 Spanish students chat with Turkish and Greek partners


improving reading, writing, vocabulary, grammar - building sentences,

using everuday English, using English for communication.



Turkish Team is Chatting with Greek and Spanish Teams:)) 







What We Learned About Greek and Spanish Friends:


Georgia: She is from Greece. Her teacher's name is Aggeliki. Her favorite activity is volleyball.

Steven: His name is Steven. He likes reading book.

Maria Luiz Mendez: Her favourite activity is gymnastics. She doesn't like meatball.

Inge: She is from Tenerife.

Edvardo: He is 12 years old. He likes football.

Marco: He is from Spain.

Nayra: He likes football. His favorite football team is Real Madrid. His favourite footballer is Cristiano Ronaldo. He is 12 years old. He likes Katy Perry, Britney Spears and Justin Bieber. He lives in Tenerife, Spain. 

Yuliana: Her name is Yuliana. She likes New Super Mario Bros. 



                                           VIDEO-CONFERENCE GREECE-POLAND








Klaudia Klapáčová 6th grade, SLOVAKIA
Asiye Baykul
She is from Turkey. eTwinning is one of her hobbies. She go to 8th class, she is 14 years old . Her favorite color is black. She has one brother, his name is Serdar but she also has two sisters, their names are Nazan and Fatma.

Natalia Bazcek
She is from Poland, from the city of Bielsko Biala. She goes to 6th class and she is 12 years old. Her favorite color is blue and black. She has a brother, his name is Norbert. Among her favorites belong football and basketball.
Derya Tok
She is from Turkey, from the city of Niğde. She goes to 8A grade, she  is 14. Her favorite color is white and black. She has two brothers, their names are Mustafa and Serkan. Among her favorite sports  belong teakwondo and  wolleyball. She  prefers song Gamgi Stail. Herj best friend is called Rabia.
Zuzana Legátová, V. Valenčíková 7th grade, SLOVAKIA
We were chatting with Natalia from Poland. Her full name is Natalia Grulich. She is 12 as we are. She likes dogs, playing football and Jessie J. Her favourite song is Domino. Our chatting was fun.
Bruno & Erik 6th grade, SLOVAKIA
Her name is Melek Mur. She is from Turkey. She is 14 years old. She is in 8th class. Her hair is dark. Her favourite song is Gangam Style. She likes blue colour. She has got a sister.
Vanesa Valenčinová & Viktória Gredecká 5th grade, SLOVAKIA
Her name is Natalie Rusin. She lives in Poland. She is 12 years old and she likes One Direction pop group.

 It was a great pleasure for us to chat with SLOVAK and POLISH friends. Here are some photos from TURKISH team :)












SLOVAK STUDENTS CHETTING WITH THEIR POLISH AND TURKISH PARTNERS. We had agreat fun and we are very happy we learn more about you. Thanks!                                       Slovak team