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Emek Primary School

 Emek Primary School is in Ankara, capital city of Turkey. The school is in Şereflikoçhisar District of the city which is by the Salt Lake, one of the rarest beauties all over the world. There are approximately 400 students and 25 personnel at school. Students are educated according to the national curriculum of Turkish Republic and they begin to learn English as a foreign language starting from the 4. grades and this year 2. graders also have English classes. The major lessons are Turkish, Social Sciences, Science and Technology and Maths. Students take part in a variety of social clubs and these clubs organize many activities during the year. We, educators, want students to be successful in every part of life rather than just in academiclessons. We try to render them as self-confident, self-sufficient and literate after a period of 8 education years.   

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