This is a Comenius project and an eTwinning project. The Comenius project is using eTwinning methodologies and tools ( twinnings- twinspace). There are 8 schools participating in Comenius project and other two that participate only in etwinning


 Welcome to our site in TwinSpace. If you are interested in Cities and how we can use Urban Environments to build knowledge and citizenship  you will enjoy this website.

What can you find here? Let's take a peek at all the contents. Click on the blue titles to go directly to the pages

  • Welcome : You are here. A summary of all the activities
  • Documents : here folders and wiki we ( the staff) used to plan the project at the very beginning ( January 2012). Also a                         wiki    page with main info about our schools
  • How to do it Twinspace is not always user - friendly-- Here we collect tools and instructions to better use it.
  • Sources_ bibliography pages, documents, books, videos about children and cities. Urbanism in fast changing Europe
  • Meetings Documents, planning, lists of participants and other stuff for teachers meetings
  • Schools Presentations here you can find: a general presentation with all the 8 schools, pictures , presentations made                                          by pupils  to introduce their schools. Also a calendar with holidays 
  • Classes Here pictures and description of the classes to improve their twinnings. If you are not a member of twinspace                      you  can't enter in this activity
  • Twinnings We have planned to have many classes twinned with their partners in other cities so that they can                                         work together and explore their urban environments. here they can upload their material, discuss and                               share their findings
  • Videoconferences It's a nice tool to have children talking directly each other. Here plannings and documentation
  • Logo contest The very first activity of our pupils as a community of learnersThey choose their school candidate to                                    become the   project logo and then  they've voted- (December 12)
  • Out of Window First explorations looking out our schools windows. Also confrontations with past and present times in                             our     cities
  • Shared Sport activities  Sports in our schools and in our neighborhoods.. sport venues, needs, facilities..
  • Our cities in Christmas time  Photos, songs, drawings.. how are our cities in this special period? 
  • My way to school  Let' s explore the border between city and school. How do we go to school? Means of transports,                                     traffic, healthy habits, weather conditions.. Photos and video made on the same day ( 14/ 1/ 13)
  • Exploring our cities  The core of the project. Pupils go out of the classrooms and explore with all their senses their                                           cities. Documentations, debates, questions and answers. Divided for age levels.
  • Myths and legends Here we share and compare legends about foundation of our cities
  • Traditional games and songs  Here pupils share board games prepared by themselves to show their cities. Songs                                                  and dancings , folkloristic  or contemporary, music in our cities
  • History of streets  Story of the cities through their streets names. Special streets in our neighborhoods
  • Graffiti                         Modern Urban art? Or something different? Come to discover some very original way to make                                         ecological graffiti!
  • Poems             Poems about the city in Paris, London and Rome
  • Green city                     Nature in the city and how to protect it
  • Europa                 A cooperative work starting from the Myth of Europa and the bull
  • Pupils mobilities     In the frame of the Comenius project we planned a great number of mobilities of pupils. Here plannings, documentations and results

 Building the city    Documentation of the cooperative work in Leonardo da Vinci school

Statues, monuments   Exploring the city in search of statues

How this space is organized and what the members can do here?

Here members enter with their login and password. They update their profile, writing who they are and in which school they work and what age they teach. 

They can write each other using a mail box ( they will get a notification in their normal mail box, but to reply they must enter in twinspace)

They can surf in all the activities, write a post blog, write a comment in forums, vote others' posts

They can add documents, photos in folders. They can also embed videos or other web contents in blog posts . They can contribute to wiki, just clicking on " edit"

Some members, the administrators, can add activities and actions to each activity. They can also invite teachers and pupils.

All the teachers can join staff room: it's a place where they share material and discuss activities. It's not open to public or pupils

There are also pupils members: they can join their room and interact with peers.All the pupils in each school are kindly invited to join!