Folk sayings about weather


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Grandparents' observations about the weather (Lithuania)


  • Cold, dry December - cold spring.
  • Cold fog, frost in December, or on Christmas Eve snow - great fruit, honey harvest brings.
  • Rime, clear Christmas Day fertile, beautiful years of wind, rain brings misery.
  • At Christmas cold - at Easter and white.



  • Cold January - late spring out, if obscure January will be wet years.
  • What's in January - that July.
  • If early January and the end of beautiful, wait for a good year.
  • January northerly winds atpučia good harvest.
  • If you dry, warm, far from being the spring and summer rains.



  • If north winds blowing in February - will be fertile years.
  • If there is no wind in February - will be windy April.
  • If February takes constant colds - will be a hot summer.


For all seasons: There is no bad weather - is ill-fitting clothing.

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