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Folk sayings about weather (Czech Republic)

Our observations whether the sayings will come true or not




A lot of snow in January, a lot of mushrooms in August. 

(There was very little snow in January 2012)



Plenty of snow in January, little water in April.

(There was very little snow in January 2012)


Dry January, wet June.

(There was almost no snow and no rain either.)


When it is warm in January, economy will get even worse.

(The average temperature was quite high for January I guess we have nothing to look forward to, ehm...)


If the mole is at work in January, winter will end in May.

(The mole was at work in January, so winter will end in May but when will it start? Hihi

It was snowing on May 25th in the Czech Republic - western part of the country was the coldest!)




When a lark sings in February, it is going to be freezing.

When February is cold and dry, August is going to be very hot.

When the sun shines on Hromnice (Feb. 2), winter will last six weeks longer.

(There was a lot of sunshine on Hromnice and at some parts the temperature dropped bellow zero in May!)

Clear night on Hromnice (Feb.2) signifies plenty of freezing days.




As much rain is in March, the same is in June.


March with no water, April without grass.

(True, we cut the lawn for the 1st time in the middle of the May this year - much later than usual.)

On Saint Tomáš day (Mar. 7) snow turns into slush.

The cold, that Tomáš (Mar. 7) brings, shakes us for long time.


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