Science Fair

“I Giochi della Chimica” are a national tournament   to promote interest and knowledge about Chemistry among the students of Italian High Schools. 
We are very proud to announce that the  students team, composed by  L. Alvigi, D. Vitale, G. Marinaro , A. D’Auria and trained by their teacher Mrs Rita Cuomo, won the First Prize in the Final Regional Contest of Chemistry 2013 as The Best Institute of   Category " A"( that is for students of Biennium ). 

Moreover the student  L. Alvigi was awarded with the Cup of the First Place Winner, and D. Vitale won the Second Prize in the same  Category. 
Our thanks and congratulations to the Science teacher Mrs R. Cuomo awarded as the winning students’ teacher.

 SCIENCE EXIBITION at "don Lorenzo Milani"

Students from grade 1 to 5 involved in the European project Comenius "English & Science Conquer the New Spaces /CLIL Phenomenon Permeate Different Approaches/" organized a Science exihibition in which they showed other students what they had been studying during the curricular classes. They were supported and guided by their Science and English teachers. Have a look at the pictures and videos.


FESTIVAL of SCIENCE in Joan Ekzarh Language School

More than 90 students from 5th to 11th grade, guided and supported by their Science and Language teachers organized and took part in the Festival of Science held on the 18th December 2012. The students arranged an exhibition of essays and displays of models, maps, posters and creative works. Moreover, they demonstrated a volcanic eruption, showed how electricity is produced, what the mystery of the black holes is and how the planets are arranged in our solar system. The exhibition comes as a result of one-month hard work on the European Comenius Project named “English & Science Conquer the New Spaces”. Not only are students happy and pleased with how much they learned through the research they did but they are also deeply convinced that foreign languages and science go hand in hand.