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Going to school in Rome

 How the children go to Pisacan school ? 

At the link their drawings and texts 

Going to school in Athens

Children of the sez. H to the kindergarten of Balzani of Istituto Comprensivo Ferraironi of Rome drew how go to school.

Going to school in Rome

 Here a video made with pictures and video shot by teachers, parents and pupils


Belfast - Coming to school

I have uploaded a new PowerPoint containing the photos of the children coming to school on Monday 14th January.  I also hope to be able to upload some of the pupils work about coming to school shortly.

ParisLEONARDO DA VINCI 3rd grade Jan 14th going to school

January 14th: Leonardo da Vinci 3rd grade go to school !

Pupils take pictures of their way to school. At about 8 o'clock they arrive to school. Some of them by car, others by metro or bus, others walking or, as the bike! Today it is dark and cold but there are many lights in the city: PAris is wonderful Bye from 3rd grade ! Enjoy the pictures:


Click here ( external link to google plus) 


Today 14th January..

 It was raining very hard in Rome! We took pictures and made videos in our primary schools buidings. We also started a discussion with pupils on their ways to go to school. We want to share results with all the partners and compare different ways of moving in the cities

How do we get to school? by 2D grade students at ceip ciudad de zaragoza - Madrid
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