The Feast of St Nicholas

Celebrating the Feast of St. Nicholas at Siggiewi, Malta (video)

The Advent and The Feast of St Nicholas in Poland

In December in Poland we celebrate  dvent time (Advent is a Latin word meaning "waiting / preparing" (for Jesus' birth). There are special Masses at churches called "Roraty". They are held either early in the morning or in the evening when it's already dark. Children come to churches with special Advent lanterns.

There are also wreaths with 4 candles (one for each of 4 Advent Sundays) in churches and some houses.


Advent wreaths from


And on 6th December Saint Nicholas / Santa Claus comes to Polish children (and not only)  . So everybody tries to be very good and behave well :)

Traditionally He comes at night and puts the presents under a pillow. He brings the presents that children asked for in their letters (written several days before and left on a window sill:)




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