Special Assembly about eTwinning


  1. Our class is participating in an eTwinning project.
  2. eTwinning is about collaborative projects through the Internet between two or more schools in different European countries to deal with a topic agreed on by the participants.
  3. Our project is called: KIDS AROUND THE WORLD LET’S CELEBRATE.
  5. In this project we learn about how other countries celebrate different feasts as well as share our customs.
  6. We also learn more about our partners’ cultures.
  7. Planned activities are shared on a twinspace.
  8. It is a virtual space created for us and the partners to be used as a working platform from which we can communicate with each other.
  9. It contains Chat, Forum, Mail box, Agenda and many other tools such as wikis and blogs.
  10. Successful eTwinning projects are awarded National and European Quality Labels.
  11. Two weeks ago we organised a video conference between us and the Polish partners to get to know them better.
  12.  It was a really nice experience.
  13. We asked each other questions and sang songs to each other.
  14. From time to time etwinning competitions are also organised.
  15. eTwinning Malta can be found on facebook as well as on the schoolnet portal.



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I enjoy the special assembly because it was very nice

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I'm glad you did Matthias. Well done on experimenting on twinspace. emoticon

Posted on 25/01/13 15:35.

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Congratulations to you Matthias emoticon for being the first student writing on the TwinSpace. Good job emoticon

Posted on 25/01/13 20:27.

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Thank you

Posted on 26/01/13 07:17.

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