Curtain Up for European Talents
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This project aims to provide our pupils with the chance to discover and promote their own abilities and talents whilst sharing their cultural heritage with their European partners. We will share many aspect of our cultures, including dance, music, literature, sports and theatre. It will introduce the children to many new skills and activities and should enable them to become more self-confident and to lead more active lives.
The project will encourage children to consider how to use new technologies to benefit themselves both socially and economically. The safe use of new technologies, including social networks, chatrooms and blogs will be a major emphasis.
Through managing a virtual budget and trying to make a profit, the students will be able to reflect on how they will achieve economic stability in their own lives as adults.
Pupils and staff will learn about each partner country, and will greatly improve their language skills by learning about and communicating in a range of European languages.


Participating schools


 School's name  CityCountry
 St Augustine's Catholic Primary School Weymouth UK United Kingdom
 Istituto Comprensivo "San Giovanni Bosco" Gravina in Puglia - Poggiorsini IT Italy
 Dunant-Grundschule Berlin DE Germany
 CEIP Parque Europa Utebo ES Spain
 Zespół Szkół nr 36 Bydgoszcz PL Poland


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