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Advertising the project- 3 B Grade Turda, Romania


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In this link http://elbuhoanacleto.blogspot.com.es/2012/11/etwinning-introduction.html you can find the Spanish team introductions.

We hope you enjoy them, and, if you want, you and your pupils can write a comment. We'll be glad to answer it

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Nice kids and presentation!
Why don't you add the link in a new blog entry of "The authors" page? I've created that page just for the presentation of all the partners.

Posted on 17/11/12 16:27.

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Welcome, dear Spanish friends! Nice to meet you!
Kisses, Bulgarian Team emoticon

Posted on 17/11/12 19:56.

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Ok, I'm doing it right now!! emoticon (I didn't know the purpose of the page, sorry!)

Posted on 17/11/12 20:36 in reply to Gina Antonietta Mango - Carmelo Mario Martino.

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Well done!
Thank you and good work!

Posted on 18/11/12 19:33 in reply to Cristina Díaz Álvarez.

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Original presentation! Thank you.

Posted on 18/11/12 20:10.

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