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Cosa vedo fuori dalla mia finestra di casa. What I see outside my window at home.


Past and present in our cities

 Paris is the first cities we explore together. Today I've found this collection of old photos of Paris

Click on the link www.repubblica.it/esteri/2012/11/23/foto/parigi_nel_1914_le_fotografie_inedite_a_colori-47262852/1/

And here some pictures of our Neighborhood in Rome , comparing past photos and present ( the present are screenshots from google maps)


Country City comparison

The following poem is a country dweller addressing an urbanite. The idea is to use this as a point of departure for us urbanites to address one another, co,paring our cities; e.g. the poem starts "If you're not from the prairie....."; in London we would say "If you're not from London, you don't know the smell of the flowers at New Covent Garden"


Showing 3 results.