Christmas cards


Spanish Christmas cards

Hi Spanish friends,


I have seen your cards today  (meanwhile only three:) ) and tomorrow I and my students are going to have a look at them together. We are working very hard every English lesson - making our Christmas cards, learning Christmas songs ... We are really short of time ... And when we finish our work, we will publish everything:) 


Have a nice time



Christmas cards

Dear friends,


Here are folders for you - before sending the parcels to partners do not forget to scan some of your handmade Christmas cards created by your students and try to publish them here, please :)


Remember - our rules:

  1. Our deadline is 4th December
  2. Christmas cards are handmade, created by our students
  3. Alexander does pair matching and publishes the pairs
  4. Each participating school sends one parcel to each partner school - we are six partner schools = each school sends 5 parcels
  5. Each parcel will contain Christmas cards, a Christmas booklet, DVD - if you manage it
  6. A booklet consists of 15 pages (approximately)


 Enjoy your project work:)


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