Belgian sts about some days in Tallinn
13.10! Birthday Anastasia & Anne-Sophie!
 Saturday we could finally sleep a little longer. At 12 we were expected to attend a concert in the Cathedral of Tallinn. Some people were not there, other activities had been planned for them. As Lena, who went shooting with her host family, or as Hélène, Alice, Leontien, Ann-Sophie and their Estonian friends, who ate a nice birthday cake. Laura and Catherine went with their Estonian friends to a famous coffee house where they ate a typical Estonian dessert, namely a donut with hot chocolate; yummie! The others spent the afternoon shopping, etc... In the evening our dear Estonian friends had planned a dinner at an Italian restaurant, which was super nice! Then we went for a drink together in the old part of Tallinn and we could stay up even after 22h ;-) It was definitely a successful day!
 There was a visit planned on Sunday morning in the historical museum of Tallinn. Afterwards, we went to a place where we could choose to play paintball or laser shooting. We all had a lot of fun, with some bruises as a result. Laser shooting was a lot less painful, but not less intense. At 5 P.M we went home to eat something and hardly an hour later we were all back together in the same bar as the day before in Old Tallinn.
 Ann-Sophie, Catherine, Lena and Bert


Some impressions of the Belgian students:

We really liked laser-shooting!

I really like my Estonian guest family!

I get so much food think I have already gained 5 kilogram's.

Country full of golden trees.

It's 5 o'clock, dinner time!

“What is she saying?” “I don't know.. just smile and nod”


 We had just spent our last night with our host family and everybody still looks a little bit sleepy. We had to get up early, take our bags and go to the school in Tallinn. Luckily we have a tree-hours bus trip ahead of us. On our way to the centre for asylum seekers in Illuka there are a lot of people catching up on some sleep. When we arrive in the centre we get some information and a brief tour.

After a half an hour we're on our way to a traditional cafe where we get some soup and a hot cup of tea. When we have eaten we're going to the Kuremae-monastery on foot. The girls have to wear long skirts and cover their hair, boys need to wear a hat. First we may take a look inside of the first church where we see some familiar looking paintings. Of course we also see a lot of candles but they can't be lighted until 6 pm. In the second church -built completely out of wood- we see different wreaths made out of porcelain and metal. On the grounds of the monastery there is also a very famous source. People believe that the water of the source is sacred and has special, healing powers. There is even a little pool where -according to the legend- your body and soul could be healed. After drinking some of the sacred water we go back to the bus that takes us to the youth hostel. The rest of our night we spent having a lovely meal and a little party.

By Catharina Ebo

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