Introduce yourself

 Hi! We are III a class from the Primary School. There are 18 students in our class. There are nine boys and nine girls. In our class there are also four students with special needs. We live in a guiet and peaceful town called Mielec in south-east Poland.



There are 25 students in my class.They are six years old. 12 girls and 13 boys all together 25. The English teacher who will work on realization of the activities is Snezana Presilska . The other students are from the fifth grade . They are at the age of 10. There are 25 students. 14 boys and 11 girls.Snezana Stojanova is their class teacher and their English teacher is Ljupka Petkova. Our town Bitola is a lovely and peaceful town which is near the Greek border in the west part of Macedonia .


In the project will participate 15 students from a regular class ( 13 regular students plus 2 students with special educational needs ) and a class with 15 sudents with special educational needs.
We are going to work on TwinSpace. We`ll send the material as soon as possible.
We also agree to cooperate.Teacher Vesna Jonzoska, Martina C. Risteska and in the special class teachers Ivana Damjanoska