Nuestra amiga Laura y Arrugas
¡Gracias profesora!

Arrugas en Mallorca

 Hola compañeros/as,


Ya estamos terminando el año y podemos ir recopilando material. Os mando un resumen de todo lo que hemos hecho con Arrugas, esperamos que os guste: 


Saludos desde España,



Visita a West Park

 Me alegro mucho que todos l@s alumn@s se han divertido mucho, tomando té y charlando con 'nuestros vecinos".

Espero que les gustarán las fotos de nuestra tarde en West Park.

Saludos desde Escocia!

Profe Julia x

Paco Roca felicitaba 2012 con Arrugas

Arrugas/Wrinkles and the seminar in Madrid 2012

Thanks to our meeting held in Madrid on the 25th of October, our project "Arrugas" has taken off.

Here we can find the interviews of two of our eTwinning partners Julia Preston (Scotland) y Greta Sopó (Italy) about eTwinning

Arrugas (Wrinkles) Project

Thanks to Alicia Ruiz for suggesting what promises to be an exciting project based on and around the animation film "Arrugas" (Wrinkles).  The film is unique, in that it is an animation film, based on a comic strip of the same name, aimed at an adult audience. It highlights many different aspects of ageing including the torment of Alzheimer, and the trauma it brings to both the individual and to families who have to deal with the menace of mental illness.


Suffice to say, that ageing is something which affects all of us, yet within my school, it doesn't appear anywhere on the curriculum. Pupils learn about many aspects of life - including sex education and birth, yet the one taboo subject would seem to be ageing, mental illness and death. All of this up to now may sound rather sad, morbid and depressing.  On the contrary! And here's why:


Alicia has suggested that we ask our pupils to 'interview' their own grandparents or someone at home who is 'older'. The questions will be worked out collaboratively between Italy, Spain and the UK. Things like what was there favorite film / meal / friends / dreams for the future, etc. Pupils will collate information across the three countries and will also get to see the film "Arrugas" - and complete tasks associated with the film. Within our school, I shall be able to bring in other departments, particularly Vocational Education and there are plans in place to involve them with the old folks home (particularly at Christmas time when emotions run high); this is situated just across the road from the school. The Science department is very interested in taking a short side-step away from the set curriculum to include 'brain function' and 'deterioration' for the Higher Biology group, getting them involved too, thereby using the eTwinning project to work collaboratively with different departments in the school.


The objective of the project is to better inform our pupils about the value of our older generation, what they have given and continue to give to society and to promote dialogue between the generations, not only nationally, but across different cultures, making us all feel valued and still a part of matter what our age.


Thanks Alicia for giving me the chance to be a part of the project. I look forward to working with the group.


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