Ice Snow


Water boils and ice does not melt

What you need?

Tube Ice Rubber ring / mesh / rod of wood Could water Heat source

What you can do ?

Introduce pieces of ice in the tube and fix them (with the rubber ring/mesh/wood rod).

Pour cold water over the pieces of ice from the tube.

Warm the water at the open end of the tube

What we will see?
After a few minutes we will see that the water is boils at the open end of the tube and the ice don`t melt at bottom.

What happens?
In the same tube we have : boiling water (100°C) at and ice (0°C) at the ends of the tube

How is this possible?
The heat transmission along the tube, from mouth to bottom, is very weak because:
1. Hot water is lighter than cold and is not down, so no convection currents are formed allowing water heating throughout the meal.
2. Water, glass (and wood) have low thermal conductivity.
This is why ice will not melt while water boils at the surface.

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