Teacher's Day



           Happy Teacher\

 In Poland we celebrate Teacher's Day on 14th October.

Its full name is: the National Day of Education. 

The students of our school prepared songs and poems and they brought flowers to say "Thank you"  

and express their good feelings to all the teachers. 




Here is a short film presenting the celebtations of the Teacher's Day in our school:



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video not available emoticon

Posted on 24/10/12 15:03.

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Yes, I know... There were some problems with sending it to YT. Now it should be OK emoticon

Posted on 24/10/12 15:38 in reply to Claudine Chircop.

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yes ok now

Posted on 25/10/12 19:27 in reply to Justyna Łęska.

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The video is very interesting, in italy we haven't this celebration.

Posted on 26/10/12 14:57.

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Thanks Claudine ,
good work emoticonI liked it too much .
Thanks for sharing ,

Posted on 08/01/13 22:11.

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