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 Activity 10: Fairy Tales


In April and May we are going to present our favourite fairy tales (kids will perform a short play - they might use the puppets they have created).

We will also create a common VoiceThread Thread with the key words of our chosen fairy tales (each school should choose 5 key words which will be presented as drawings and uploaded in our Image Gallery below). When the VoiceThread is ready, we will start recording our key words as voice comments in our native languages. 

Other schools will watch the plays, learn key words of the fairy tales in English and turn them into works of art (you'll find some examples here). 

Then the pupils will design bookmarks presenting scenes and/or main characters of the other schools' fairy tales for their partners as a gift.

 Finally, we will organize a videoconference "Guess my favourite fairy tale".

The deadline is 15th May 2013. 


Our common VoiceThread with key words of the fairy tales

Our fairy tales - pictures by the partner schools

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Thanks dear Barbara ,
My students will like that activity very much and it is a great idea you give example .Thanks alot

Posted on 04/04/13 23:09.

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Fairy tales - quiz

Fanny and Frank's Family from Gaziantep -Turkey

Three little pigs Cluj-Napoca, Romania
THE LEGEND OF "SANT JORDI" (Escola Barrufet-Sant Boi) 2nd grade B

This is Barrufet school last fairy tale this year... "Sant Jordi" is the patron saint of Catalonia and it's one of our best known legends... We hope you like it!

Three Billy Goats
Little Red Ridding Hood
Works of art
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Hansel and Gretel 2nd A

a Big Turnip

Dear friends,

finally you can watch the Fairy Tale of Czech pupils. We hope you will like it


Cinderella 4th A

CINDERELLA (Escola Barrufet-Sant Boi) 2nd grade A



Virtual meeting - videoconference
LITTLE CHICK PEA (Barrufet Schoool, 2nd cycle)


Pretty Ritty (Escola Barrufet-Sant Boi) 1st grade B

The story about the Wawel Dragon
Goldilocks and the three bears (Escola Barrufet-Sant Boi) 1st grade A

The Pied Piper of Hamelin (Malagón-Spain)

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