My pet and other animals





Activity 8: My pet and other animals 


In February we are going to play with modelling clay. We are going to make animals from clay and create our own project zoo. First the schools are going to create presentations (slideshow/video) in which the kids will show their clay crafts and make riddles for the partners (Guess What I Am - the answers should be written as a comment to the post with the riddles). One volunteer will prepare a common slideshow/video presenting all the animal models (“Our Project Zoo”). Then we will organize a competition for the best pet model (the rules are the same as in the logo competition). Finally, the Polish school will create one common VoiceThread with drawings presenting animal words (“Our Pets”). All the partners are going to record the animals’ names in their native languages. Additionally, every child is going to take part in our online poll "What pet have you got?".


Our Pets - common VoiceThread 

Please add a voice comment (the names of these pets in your native languages)


This is our project mascot. Its name is Twin. The name of the mascot was voted by the partner countries' children. Twin left Poland on 12th November 2012. At the moment, our toy cat is travelling around Europe and visiting the partners' hometowns. We are looking forward to its photo reports :-)


We finished our voting for the name of our project mascot on 14th November 2012.

Twin received 507 votes so it is the winner. 


Check where Twin is at the moment :-)

Pokaż Twin's journey through Europe na większej mapie


Twin around Europe

Twin has travelled a lot during this school year! Enjoy with some of his best moments in each country! : )





Te winners of the competition for the best pet model


Our Project Zoo 

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I put our pet in weebly with an invitation to choose the name, ok?

Posted on 24/10/12 18:19.

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Great, Belén! I am sure the kids will be creative :-)

Posted on 24/10/12 18:26 in reply to Ana Belén Gómez Muñoz.

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Such a lovely cat!

Posted on 24/10/12 18:58 in reply to Barbara Głuszcz.

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My children will love this pet! I like it very much!

Thanks Barbara!

Posted on 24/10/12 22:10.

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I am glad you like it. It is funny as it miaows and purrs... and tries to catch the cursor with its paw :-) I hope the kids will like it too ;-)

Posted on 25/10/12 14:59 in reply to Miryam Cadenas.

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Barbara always has interesting ideas. My students loved this cat. Thank you.

Posted on 26/10/12 01:24 in reply to Barbara Głuszcz.

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Dear partners!

Yesterday Twin was visiting Barcelona with me, it was very funny! As soon as I can I'll upload the photos in a presentation! Tomorrow we'll say goodbye and our pet will depart for Romania!

Posted on 02/12/12 14:34.

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I've removed the blogs entries by mistake... What can I do? I have removed my last blog "Twin at Barrufet 1st cycle" and think all the other entries has been removed too... I've got the embed code of our creations, but I don't have the polish one... I'm very sorry... Can we do something?

Posted on 12/12/12 02:40.

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I have just repaired it. Don't worry, Esther :-)

Posted on 12/12/12 08:20 in reply to Esther Rodríguez Serradilla.

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THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted on 13/12/12 00:50 in reply to Barbara Głuszcz.

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Twin in Most


Dear friends,

Twin happily arrived to Most and we like him very much :-)

At first you can see how we cuddle it :-)



Soon you will be able to watch a video about Twin´s visit in our school and town.

Can you guess What lessons Twin visited ?


Twin at school on PhotoPeach

OK, it´s a pitty but it´s time to send Twin to to his next visit.

Dear Turkish friends it´s your turn to host Twin :-) Enjoy Czech sweets :-)

It was super to spend some time with Twin ! Thanks !

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Eva, you have experience in eTwinning, we learn a lot from you. Thank you for a beautiful presentation. Many of you bring to our project. We are glad to have you with us..

Posted on 20/03/13 21:25.

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Fantastic presentation Eva!
I love the "countdown", I think it's a very original idea and I'm sure our pupils will be very motivated with it. Thank you for sharing.

Posted on 20/03/13 21:27.

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Dear Eva,

fantastic!!!! I like very much your idea about guessing in what lessons was Twin! After the Ester Holidays I'll show it to my students! emoticon

Posted on 25/03/13 19:22.

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Wonderful video and wonderful time with twin .My students thanked for sweets and they liked your cap for twin.We also want to make something for twinemoticon
Twin come today and students liked it very much emoticon
Thanks a lot for your great ideas ,they inspired us a lot emoticon

Posted on 04/04/13 23:34.

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