2nd activity

Salvador Dali paintings: our interpretations and recreations (5th I, EB Rio Tinto nº2 - Portugal)

What do we see in this Picture? (5th B, EB Rio Tinto nº2 - Portugal)

Little painters

My little students were very creative after we watched and talked about Salvador Dali's paintings.The explanations were given by my students and I added them to their work. Hope you like our presentation.


It's a monster...Halloween!
Halloween is a great theme for children's imagination. Pupils created happy and scary pumpkin faces. Look at them and compare with Dali's pumpkin images! Kisses, Bulgarian Team :) PS: The links of Dali's images are below! Look at the comments! :)
Bulgaria - Kindergarten №1, Shumen

Art and Imagination

Hi there!

Art & Imagination is my idea for the 2nd activity but the symbol & is not accepted in this title post.

I put in the Image Gallery (down in this page) some paintings from Salvador Dali.


1. To talk about art(s), paintings, creativity, different interpretations, crasy ideas, fun...

2. To inform about several famous painters names.

3. To present Salvador Dali and tell something about him.

4. To show some paintings and to speak out different interpretations (do not use the paint that you will use at step 5).

5. To look at 1 painting and to imagine possible meanings (in groups).

6. To share the groups interpretations (each group chooses a spokesperson).

7. To create a painting of their own (the same groups); later they will exhibit their work.


I will choose the image dali.clocks.

You may choose the same or other.

It could be interesting if more than 1 class choose the same image to check the different interpretations, but if it doens't happen, it's ok because we already have different interpretations in each class, ins't it?

You decide.


what do you think about the activity?

Have a nice weekend :)


(you can read information about Dali in Wikipedia in english HERE or in your own language)


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