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End of Project Day.June 2014. Dzien Comeniusa.

Dear partners,

we had a very exciting day today! We met to tell the whole school and parents about the projects we did together in the last two years and about students' experience in your countries. They talked about the places they visited, your schools and friends they made.

Then we had competition about your countries. The students  went to the classrooms and asked 5 questions (about the flag,capitol cities, tourist attractions etc.) they could win a piece of a cake or a pie my Comenius team made according to the recipes we got from you in the mandala project. So we made a Slovenian apple strudel, a German lemon cake, a Spanish yoghurt cake, an Italian Timballo and English Shepherd's Pie. The kids also taught other students how to play the clapping games they learnt in Italy and Germany.

We had a very special time, thanks to the project we had a pleasure to do together. Thank you all very very much!


And here is the prezi of the All About Us activities.


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Dear Polish team,
best congratulations from Spain. You did an excellent work to disseminate our Comenius Project "All about us". Great Job.
We wish you all the best in the future.

Posted on 25/06/14 14:29.

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Thank you Yolanda, it was a pleasure to work with my team, I learned a lot from them, I love group work!

Posted on 21/08/14 14:40 in reply to CARMEN YOLANDA EGEA BERNET.

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