Denmark - photos by Jola

Here are the photos of the lovely people we met and places we visited in Denmark. Once again lots of thank yous and love to Kirtsen and Lisabeth.



Trip to Denmark

Dear friends, we are well back in Perleberg with hundred of fantastic memories. Thankyou for the great host. Our students are so happy to met friends in Denmark and hopefully they will stay again together. Sylvia learnt a lot of english and she is motivated to go to another meeting. Dear teachers from Denmark, we are full of respect for your work and hope that you are succesful in the next week!!!


Sammen vil vi forbedre vores skoler i Europa. Det er den vej vist os ved Comenius!



Nils, Max, Patrizia, Maria, Sylvia and Peter

Mobility in Denmark

 Dear partners,

We want to thank you for the good time we spent together in Ravnsholt skolen. Especially big thanks to Danish partners, who did a very good job planing the visit. We learned a lot about educational system, organization and every day life at school. Slovenian students were very happy to be a part of the mobility and came home with plenty of good memories to share with their friends. 

We also dis a very clear planning for the next activities and are motivated to start them.


So thank you again  and we are expecting you here in Novo mesto in the end of May.


See you soon!


Majda, Nika, Tjaša and Tina

Thanks Denmark

Thanks to all the Danish teachers team for their wonderful programme for our Comenius visit "All about us". We really liked your comenius corner and the way you contribute to our European project. We hope you solve your Danish Educational problem: the teachers lockout soon. We really missed to see all partners and pupils there like in our previous projects. However I have to thanks to Kirsten, Lisbeth, Owe and Tina their contributions and cooperation.

Denmark has a very interesting measures for student well-being and motivation.
As we could see in RAVNSHOLTSKOLEN School, they use a special model that combines traditional teaching methods with other active projects that create a learning environment. The teacher’s role is very flexible and this helps provide high
levels of intrinsic motivation. We can not forget the Nature House 
"Vestre Hus Bornenaturcenter", where we could enjoy discovering how the children got closer to alife animals and insects thanks to the great biologist Bjørli Martha Lehrmann.
So many interesting ideas! Sure we are dedicating one week in Spring time at school, call the "the Green Week" to show our pupils new ways of working, the Danish way at San Miguel School in Spain.

All our best to our Comenius Team.

Talent Show in Poland! 21st March 2013

You must see the photos! We had great fun and we have great talents!


Happy Season!


videocall Italy - Spain

The 8th March our students aged 12 had a videocall with the pupils from Armilla, Spain. It was a wonderful and exciting experience for them. They introduced themselves, talked about their town, monuments and important places, their flag , their school and their favourite subjects. At the end they sang together an Italian song called "Torero Camomillo".

It was our first experience of a videocall at school and we are sure we will plan other videocalls with our All About. us partners.

Our web page of the project

 Dear partners,


this is the web page I created about our project. Here are all the information about what we do, will do or did. Well, all is in slovenian, but you can understand through photos.=)


All the best,  


Just wanted to share some photos...

...from the visit of three students from Vietnam, China and Indonesia.


We had a great pleasure to host in our school three wonderful people from Asia for one week. They work for AISEC - an international student organization. They came to Poland to show the beauty of their countries and culture.

I'm in love with Vietnam now...


Please see the photos:




Beautiful Mascots

Really cute mascots. Our children are really enjoying them in our Twinspace.

Waiting to receive our wonderful friend from Turkey.


Hey partners

Hello partners, today we decided that my lovely colleque Sylvia and I will go to Denmark. Iam looking forward to see you. We are very busy and we found a very nice mascott.




 Dear partners,


here is a link to our blog- you can see what we are doing, there are some activities from the project, photos, ...

Hope you like it.=)



Thanks Londoners

 Really a wonderful experience in Acton Town. We are really grateful for all the support from our Bristish partners, to Kathryn and all the teachers and students in our coordinator country in Uk.


Hello everyone!

We from Germany will join you all on Monday evening! We are very excited to start our second trip in this project with two girls. They are much more excited, you see.

See you soon Ursula, Gabriele, Michelle and Lena

Quite soon... in UK

Thanks everybody for your messages!  Comenius 1st term is getting everytime better at school. Children are really very motivated. Waiting to meet you in SKYPE in DECEMBER. it was a pleasure to have you in Spain in October as host school. Children are having a lot of fun with this project and we are ready to share with all of you how we are doing it in our country. Nice to meet you in Twinspace. Hugs

Best regards!!!

To all partners

 Dear partners,


I am very happy to have the oportunity to work with you on our Comenius project. I am sure we will all do a very good job.


I am looking forward to see you in London.




Dear my colleaugues,

First of all, I want to congratulate Yolanda for her great efforts to produce this page. We are very lucky to have you. I strongly believe that we will come up with great work.

I am looking forward to seeing you İn London.

Love, Ayfer

Website and blog diary about our Comenius project!

 Dear "All about us" partners,

nice to share with you this website and blog for our Comenius project! It is going to be a excellent tool for communication and exchange in a collaborative way.

This is an introduction about how our "Twinspace" works. Hope you find them useful. 





Hello, welcome to our project blog. Enjoy our posts with news, comments and announcements. 

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