Halloween in Poland

Well you had some horrific halloween experinece in your schools I 'd like to share ours :)


We got caught in a spider web of Halloween vocabulary, then we had an eyeball race and finally we bobbed for apples I mean they did somebody had to take photos :)))



11th November - the Independence Day in Poland

On Friday we celebrated the 95th anniversary of Polish Independence.We had an assembly with childrem singing songs and reciting poems and  many workshops: we made and sent Independence cards, we made cotillions and other art projects.


Here is a link:

Slide of pizza in Spain



 Dear colleagues:
We are working about different menus. Here you are some final activities. In some days you can see the rest of them.
It has been a interesting activity. A fantastic slide of pizza!!
I hope you enjoy with this job.
Welcome to Germany



Dear partners,


Our pupils and teachers welcome you to Perleberg.


We are working hard to prepare everything for your stay.


The pupils cooked and baked a lot, we are working on our pieces for the food mandala and our pages for our common digital cook book.


In our classes they learn about the European partner countries.


We are loofing forward to seeing you!!!


Ursula Thies, coordinator Grundschule "Geschwister Scholl"


 Dear All,

It has been a great experience for Halloween time. As Kathryn said it is very common activity at schools all around the world. This is one more from Spain and it is our present for all of you.
Waiting yours too. A very good team work.

Comenius open day! Preparing our European Cookbook with pictures.

Dear Colleagues, 

This is the day at school according to our Spanish recipes and dishes. With these photos we will work on the recipes.

Vídeo 1: Pre-task.

Video 2: Task

Post_task: The three recipes with the photos for our European cookbook.


Regards everyone.

Here are Polish photos!

Poland visit

Our visit in Poland was great. Everything was interesting and the days went by too quickly.

I want to thank you the Polish coordinator Jola and all the teachers group for the perfect organization of this mobility. It was a pleasure to have Dorota with us, she's a very nice, friendly and helpful teacher , I hope to meet her again.


Poland Visit

As always I want to thank to all the Polish teachers group their wonderful welcome and all the organization for our visit. Thanks again to all the Comenius team for all your cooperation and team work. It was really nice to have with us  to Dorota, a friendly and efficient Polish teacher working in our Bristish school. We hope to see you again somewhere. 

This is our present from San Miguel school in Armilla.


***What happened in Byalystok and how was the place we visited!

50th birthday - Grundschule"Geschwister Scholl" - Some samples of our talentshow

 Watch this:-)!

50th birthday - Grundschule"Geschwister Scholl"

 Dear friends, we had an amazing projectweek. We celebrated our birthday with a fantastic talentshow and a big party. Together with our friend John Murray we sang our schoolsong. We are looking forward to meet you in Poland. 

Watch this:-)!

Comenius Olympic Games in the UK

 Dear partners


Just to let you all know that on Wednesday our whole school took part in sports day. This year was very special as we all took part in the games choosen by each country.


We had flags flying and the sun was shining!


I was on the Turkish game and all the children had great fun playing the 'tissue game'


It was a completely different type of sports day and it was a huge success!


Photos and video to follow!


Watch this space........


Love Kathryn 

talent show in Klein Leppin

 Dear partners, we had an amazing play to Ravels opera "The child and the magihic thoughts with 16 fantastic children. we performed our talent show at the nature stage in a small village. Look to the result. We wish you  great vacation. Ursula and Peter




 Dear partners,


thank you for your nice words, it was also very nice for all of us at Primary school Drska to have you here.=) I'm happy that you enjoyed.

The school year is nearly finished, but we are still very active. On friday we are having a sports day, where we will play olympic games from all countries. We really look forward to it, and the result of our day you will see here on etwinning.=)


Have a nice day all of you!!



Thanks to our Slovenian partners

Thank you Tina for the wonderful week you planned for us, we and the girls enjoyed al lot staying there.
 We also want to thank all the  teachers at your school and the host families too for their hospitality , everybody was very friendly and nice.
We were very impressed  for the organization at your school and for the students too,  when we went to the 8th grade class to have a lesson about Italy , everybody was in silence and seemed very interested to what we're explaining, most of them asked questions and we were very pleased to answer. 

Many thanks to our Slovenian hosts

Dear partners, We would like to say thank you to all the Slovenian teachers, pupils, parents and staff members who let us feel home in their beautiful country!


We enjoyed our stay very much. Very many thanks to Tina who was permanently there all the time and helped us immediatly when there were tiny problems.


Thank you so much for everything!


Ursula, Dagmar, Charlotte and Lisa from Germany

Spanish lunch at Berrymede Junior School

Dear partners

Please see our photographs from our Spanish lunch day!  All children and staff were treated to a Spanish style lunch! 

It was one of our last lunch times with Manolo, so we decided that it should be his farewall party - and we wish him all the best of luck on the rest of his travels!


Dear Comenius Partners,

First of all, I would like to give our gratitude to our Slovenian team and to Tina as coordinator. They did a great job in our mobility in Novo Mesto, with high quality in organization, an excellent welcome and programme for the week and, the most important, collaborative and hospitality spirit. We have learnt a lot about their educative system and their cultural and social style of life. It was an extraordinary opportunity to participate with their cooperation in the classrooms and to know how good level their children and teachers have in foreign languages. From our Comenius team in Spain, thank you and congratulation.

I leave you some photos from the Spanish teachers in our twinspace:



We also would like to share with all of you this link about our ESL (European Shared Treasure) as it is part of the dissemination of our project. All our final products will appear here when all of us upload them or just copy the links from our Twinspace, those that I sent you from our bilingual school blog.


We wish you all a good summer.

It was a pleasure to share this Comenius school year with all of you.

Kind regards from Spain.



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