End of Project Day.June 2014. Dzien Comeniusa.

Dear partners,

we had a very exciting day today! We met to tell the whole school and parents about the projects we did together in the last two years and about students' experience in your countries. They talked about the places they visited, your schools and friends they made.

Then we had competition about your countries. The students  went to the classrooms and asked 5 questions (about the flag,capitol cities, tourist attractions etc.) they could win a piece of a cake or a pie my Comenius team made according to the recipes we got from you in the mandala project. So we made a Slovenian apple strudel, a German lemon cake, a Spanish yoghurt cake, an Italian Timballo and English Shepherd's Pie. The kids also taught other students how to play the clapping games they learnt in Italy and Germany.

We had a very special time, thanks to the project we had a pleasure to do together. Thank you all very very much!


And here is the prezi of the All About Us activities.

Thank you France!

 Dear partners,


a big thank you to everybody for an amazing week in Quimper. We did many interesting activities and it was a perfect place to almost finish our lovely two year project. Especially big thank you to Beatrice and Jean Francois and all the french team. 

Slovenian team had a very good time=)



Best memories from our visit to San Joseph school in Quimper

Dear Beatrice and François,

we just would like to give you a big 'thank you' for the great programme you orgnize at the school in France. It was very special for us as our last mobility of "All about us". You need to give our gratitude too to all your school team, students and community. This is our present to all of you about the result of this visit. Hope you enjoy!

See the videos HERE!


Thank you Beatrice and Jean Francois

I'd like to thank everybody involved in the visit with all their hearts, the teachers, the students and the parents, we saw it and we appreciate it very very much. I hope the pictures show how much we enjoyed our stay and how much we admire France.



Dear partners,

I and my collegues want to thank you for the wonderful words you used to describe the week spent in Italy, we are really happy you enjoyed it a lot. Thanks to Jola who uploaded on this blog the photos of the mobility here in Italy and to Yolanda for the fantastic video; in May we are going to have a meeting at school to share the video and all the photos with the students, their families and the local administration.

Here is the link with some of the photos we took during the fantastic week we spent together in Tortoreto,  Giovanni is working on a special presentation of them, so  the work isn't ready yet, for the moment I hope you will enjoy them.









Lots of love


Art Happening in Tortoerto.

the idea was excellent! We are going to do it in our school!


Comenius Italia

 El CEIP San Miguel de Armilla ha participado en una visita Comenius realizada a Italia, desde el 31 de Marzo al 04 de Abril de 2014. Con la siguiente presentación les mostramos cómo se desarrolló esta experiencia. Damos la Enhorabuena a Italia por su buena organización y realización de todas las actividades programadas y llegadas a cabo en el pasado Comenius.

Comenius Italia 2014 31st March- 04th April on PhotoPeach

Thank you lovely Tortoreto!

Here are some photos for you to say thank you for your fantastic hospitality, great heart, such hard work, amazing programme and making us blissfully happy throughout all the visit. I'd like to thank once again all the people who contributed, Elisa, your colleagues, the headteacher, the mayor and his staff and the lovely ladies who cooked for us in the kindergarten, all the lovely parents and host famillies, and most of all your students who made our students feel the time of their lifetimes.


Jola and Bozena


Dear all,

great experience about comenius book day!. You can have a look to our folder about "Book Day".

Hope you have a wonderful experience in Italy next week.


Meeting in Istanbul

Dear Ayfer, dear Turkish team,

many thanks for your great host in fantastic Istanbul. We felt very comfortable all the times and enjoyed the fantastic, people, students, schools, food, history, ….:-) . It was a great experience for the German team!!!!!


Comenius task STORYTELLING

Meeting in Istanbul

Dear friends, we are looking forward to meet you in Istanbul. It was fantastic to have you in Germany and we enjoyed our collaboration. We met in january the parents who hosted your kids and we got a lot of positive feedback. The french mascot did nice experiences in Perleberg and is hopeful to see his mascot friends from europe.

Now we are really interested to see how the students learn in Istanbul. We wish all partners a safe journey and the turkish team  succesful time in preparation for the next week. 


Comenius task "Tell me a story": The Rose of the Alhambra

By 5º C and Teacher Remei:


By 5ªB and Teacher Yolanda:


Hugs and Merry Christmas


Dear Collegues, 

as you know tomorrow we are having our hangout with all the teachers coordinators who are interested in this technology in the afternoon. Please, check if you wrote properly your name in the Drive documents I sent you last week and that you wrote the best time, according to the rest of the group. It is going to be a nice experience. Remember that if you are not ready and if it is not possible for some of you to join us, we really appreciate your answer, as feedback is essential in comenius.

As you know I created this Website for all of you to help you all how to start. Tomorrow we will have the opportunity to work on the different tools online with hangout.

Kind regards. 

Mobility to Perleberg

 I hope you enjoy with this video.

Thanks a lot!!



Christmas market

Dear friends, next thursday we will  repeat our christmas market and we hope that  orcan "Xaver" dont come back! We would wish us that you could take part. We wish you merry Christmas and a happy New Year!


german team

Christmasy Perleberg

Thank you for an unforgettable experience of Christmas and your country in Perleberg!

Greetings to you and our new friends at school :)

Jola and Beata

Lucia-tradition in Denmark



Lucia tradition:
Here you can watch a
video from Ravnsholtskolen in Denmark




Dear colleagues,

as we agreed, this is the PPT or pupils from 5th grade did about how we celebrate Christmas in Granada. It is really interesting to know how similarities and differences there are around Europe. This is our folder for sharing our Comenius Christmas experiences. As soon as we celebrate Christmas at school this year I will also upload some photos in this eTwinning section. 

Your children and community can learn more about our Christmas celebration in:

-Resources about Christmas in Spain

-Christmas in Spain

Best regards.

Hope you spend a wonderful time in Germany. I will miss you!!!

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