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Hello friends, here is our Comenius blogspot. I have been updating it and you can find information about aour school and our activities.

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Hello !!!


What is the status?

Paul sent a request.
Maddy does not receive funding from the Comenius. She asks money from the mayor of the city.
Monika (Austria), received invitations. Analyzes opportunities. She wants to come to visit.



Aký je stav?


Pavel poslal ziadosť.
Majka nedostane financie od Comenius. Ona žiada financie od primatora mesta.
Monika (Austria) dostala pozvanie. Analyzuje možnosti. Chce prist.


I need to know the exact details (name, school name, school address) to send you Invitation letter.


My mail:


Preklad: Poslite mi prosim vsetky kontaktne udaje na zaslanie pozyvacieho listu.


Dear friends,

I am sorry for being in late but in this period I have lots of things to do at school and at home.

If it's possible, I want to stay in this Comenius project and work with you!

Please, let's stay togethar! My school is ready to work and I am waiting for to know how I can help you.

I could write the application form with you and prepare some activites for envelop the project.




 Anabela and Alessandra,

up to now you have not informed us about your schools and so we do not know if you really want to be our partners. We have decided to look for another partners.
We are very sorry about it because you are nice, however we need the strong leaders by our sides.








I would suggest the first meeting place in Slovakia Trencianske Teplice.

Lenght of meeting two days would be enough. 

                                                                    Pavel  Czech Republic

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