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Christmas in Rionero in Vulture



Christmas holidays are over. Today, the Italian students have returned to school. I can confess a secret? Spend the Christmas holidays in Rionero in Vulture is truly wonderful. In this period I was kept in the house of Mauro and Lawrence. Here I was able to observe the beauty of the houses decorated for Christmas with trees and nativity scenes, and I could taste so many good foods such as mustards (a particular type of vegetables prepared with fried garlic and anchovies), mostaccioli, calzoncelli melfitani, strufoli, panettone. We spent a lot of time with traditional Christmas games, such as bingo.


A Monticchio with Antonio

A Monticchio with Antonio

Sunday, December 29, 2013 , I was in Monticchio with Antonio , a very beautiful tourist place situated on the slopes of Mount Vulture , one of the oldest volcanoes in the southern Apennines . At first we did a tour around the two lakes of volcanic origin. From the shores of Little Lake we could see the Basilica di San Michele , whose construction dates back to the eighth century AD It was erected by the Basilian monks on a cave dug into the tuff. Walking around Little Lake we stopped to look at the remains of the Abbey of St. Ippolito , built between the eleventh and twelfth centuries , by the Basilian . Through a narrow street we climbed up the mountain and we went to visit the Abbey and the Cave of the dedicated to St. Michael, adorned with frescoes dating back to the mid-eleventh century . Here they gathered in prayer, the Italian-Greek monks who once inhabited the area . From this place you can have a beautiful view of the lakes of Monticchio . Entered the Abbey we visited the Museum of Natural History located in the first two floors. With great interest we have observed some artifacts from the prehistoric times , and especially the fauna that inhabits the Vulture area .
A Tour through the Christmas lights of Salerno

A Tour through the Christmas lights of Salerno on PhotoPeach


Today I went to visit the Christmas Illuminations of Salerno, thirty kilometers lights and decorations that light up the city, at least until the third Sunday of January. The lights are a very important event that every year attracts millions of tourists to this city. This year the theme of the illuminations was "Spring Snow". The strong point is represented by a stage set up in Piazza Flavio Gioia depicting a landscape that echoes Botticelli's Venus, albeit key liberty.

Merry Christmas from Italy

Merry Christmas

Waiting for the Christmas arrivals teachers and students are decorating the school for the happy event. It 's nice to see the classrooms and corridors dressed up. In the meantime we wish you all a Happy and Pleased Christmas.

In Rome e Siena with Gegè
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Hello from Italy

Hello from Italy

Goodbye Greece
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I enjoy taking part in the video for etwinning!

I've arrived in 6A class of the 12th Primary School of Galatsi
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I spent my Summer Holidays in Greece.
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I spent a day in the countryside, near Athens.
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I saw snow and watched a film in the cinema

An children made an e-book about me:


I arrived in Dzierzoniow

A good book about Afonso in portuguese language.

Look at this fantastic book we have found!!!



My time in San Vicente is over!!! I finally said goodbye and I started my trip to Poland. I know they are going to receive me with their arms wide open ;)




We made this second video as a summary of his life. We hope you like it as much as the first one




Hello, I am in San Vicente de la Barquera and I am having a great time!!!I love this vilage. The children in year 5 are making a theatre play to explain my life This is part 1.




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Our Genius - D. Afonso Henriques

We asked for help to the children and parents and we made a contest and one was the winner who went to Tojais Kindergarten.

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