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Official opening of the project

10th April 2013

The Bulgarian farewell -19April

An abstract of the Bulgarian Principal's speech

The Italian farewell- 19th April

Here is the vice-principal's speech

POMPEI RUINS 18/04/2013
The pasta of Gragnano
L'arrivo... The arrival...
NAPLES - 16.04.2013

Vesuvius - 15.04.2013

Science Laboratory - 12.04.2013

Alento River Oasis - 12.04.2013

Villa San Marco - 11.04.2013




Villa Arianna - 11.04.2013


The Villa Arianna is one of the oldest villas in Stabiae, dating from the second century BC.The exact extent of the villa may never be determined, as large parts of the rooms nearest the sea have collapsed down the cliff, but an initial survey carried out by tunnel in Bourbon times produced a plan which covered an area of over 2500 sq.m. Including the large palaestra to the west the total area must be in the order of 11,000 sq.m.

Here is our fantastic project : enjoy it!

Hello, welcome to our  project blog.

In this section you can see some works made by Bulgarian and Italian students from 10 to 19 April 2013. During these days the  Bulgarian group was hosted by the Italian school.



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