Alexander the Great, Greece

I took part in the award assembly

 On 26th June my Polish took me and my 3 friends - Copernicus, El Greco and Veysel to the school award assembly, during which the most hardworking students were awarded with certificates, books and gifts. Some of my best friends were also awarded with the Students Quality Labels and book awards, about painters, including the all from our project: Leonardo da Vinci, Diego Velazgues Miro i El Greco.

Congratulations my friends!

Polish students invited me to a party for their Mums and Dads
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The Genius' visit
I had lunch with Lousã students and Copernicus

 On January 2014, the 8th grade classes organised a sixteenth century lunch monitored by the History teacher with the help of Mrs. Margarida who works at the Cookery Club, the students and teachers had the pleasure to meet the genius Nicolau Copernicus and Alexander the Great.

The aim of this activity was to get to know more about spices and ingredients from other continents.

The main dish was saffron rice with cashews, peanuts and roast turkey. The soup was made of cabbage, beans, onions and garlic. The desert was chocolate mousse. Yummy!

It was a great lunch worthy of the kings of the sixteenth century. 

I've just arrived in Lousã

  A beautiful day,  a beautiful city, what else  can I ask for?

I've already heard, something about the charm of Lousã, but nothing else compared to reality,... but what really impressed me  was the welcoming attitude by  Lousã eTwinning team.



28TH october 2013


Today we have learnt how to make a Jack O'lantern with Alexander the Great! We have had a lot of fun!!

We need:

  • a pumpkin
  • a candle
  • a spoon
  • a knife
  • an old newspaper
  • a plastic bag


Look at the process:



My travel to Spain has been great. I had a lot of fun.My favourte days were:

On the 7th of October 
I arrived in Spain. 
I had a very nice welcome.
I have been in class with my new freinds and had a lot of fun. 
Some children have invited me to their homes. I have been with Gastón. 

On the15 of Octber

I went to Gastón’s house. I spent  a very good time with him.

On the 23rd of October


We have a healthy breakfat
Healthy breakfast has been great and we like a lot.
Today we have had a breakfast very healthy.
Children have invited me and I have had  a lot of fun.
We have eaten muffins, yogurt, milk and tomato with bread.
We liked the healthy breakfast.
But what I liked the most was the pizza with vegetables and orange juice.
It's been fun.
The breakfast was delicious.




Today, the 7th of October Alexander the Great has arrived at our school. We are very happy because we though he was lost. 

We are going to show him our city and our culture!

Alexander says:- Don't worry! I am safe. Hugs!

December 7, 2012

Yesterday with the students of class III C - D - E we went on field trip in Cava dei Tirreni and Salerno. Arrived at Cava dei Tirreni we found the guides who took us to see the Shrine of St. Francis and St. Anthony. The sanctuary, run by Franciscan monks, is an example of Renaissance art. The portal features twenty panels with bas-reliefs showing scenes of the Gospel. The central panels show the coat of arms of the city of Cava. Inside the shrine there is a path crib permanent, extended today for about 1000 m2. In the rooms you follow various scenes from the eighteenth-century Neapolitan crib to crib east. On display are valuable collections of shepherds and animals from different historical periods, from 1600 to today. We had lunch at "Ristorante Pizzeria Pinocchio" where we enjoyed traditional foods of Salerno cuisine based on fish and drank the famous limoncello


The evening we went to see the artistic  illuminations in Salerno. Here since the beginning of November the streets and squares are decorated with lighting facilities and furnishings highly spectacular scenery, a fascinating play of light and color. You can admire elves, dragons, universes, glacial forests, flying carpets, various characters of myth and fairy tales. It was really a fantastic experience and a beautiful day

December 5, 2012

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Today with a group of students of class III C and the teacher Maria Teresa we went to visit the lakes of Monticchio. The weather was quite cloudy and cold but the lakes were beautiful. The teacher Maria Teresa spoke to me and to the students of their volcanic origin. In fact the lakes correspond to the mouth of two craters prehistoric that with the course of the years were filled with water. Every year, especially in spring and summer, attract many tourists.At the end of the tour around the lakes the teacher Maria Teresa invited me and the students to dinner at the restaurant " Il Pescatore"where we ate a good "risotto alla pescatora"


risotto alla pescatora


drank a lot of good mineral water  and tasted the Aglianico del Vulture

mineral water

Monday December 3, 2012
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Hello, Today I spent most of the day with the students of class III C. Together we studied various disciplines. These guys are really careful and responsible and studied in my company was for them a source of joy and enthusiasm. After break time the students was taken me to visit the school.

Saturday, December 2nd

 I spent the evening of Saturday, December 2nd by participating in a traditional event of Rionero in Vulture: The Parade of Briganti.La parade recalled some moments in the history of Rionero and Southern Italy. Many students of class III D took part. The Banditry was a popular movement and insurgency which has spread in southern Italy after national unity. In addition to oppose the domination Piedmontese bandits were people who sought to establish a degree of social justice. Robbed from the rich and give to the poor

Hello from Rionero in Vulture

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This morning I arrived in the Primary School of Rionero in Vulture where I met the students of class III C- D - E. The boys were very happy to see me and I was very well received. For a short time I also followed the lessons with them


Alexander the Great
Alexander the Great

Alexander the Great.

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