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Causes of obesity

 After reading the Maltese work

Causes of obesity:

  • Physical inactivity
  • Unbalanced diet
  • Psychological trouble
  • Genetic
  • Hormonal
  • Not enough  Akkermansia bacteria  in intestine


By 4 biotechnique BE


Analysis of Survey

 The final analysis was carried out by Cristina Zammit.  She has researched the consequences of obesity, and through the results in depth.  Well done Cristina!



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Obesity Survey

 Ylenia Attard has also gone through the results obtained from the survey.  The following is her work:



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Results obesity survey were discussed

 Last Friday we discussed the results and findings of the obesity survey.


Dutch students did recognize the fact that not many students in our school are overweight and that many students are slim. But they did not think that many students were underweight at all. So, we searched on the internet about the BMI. The way of calculating the BMI is always the same, but the Dutch students discovered there are different ways to interpret them. We found special ratings for students depending on gender and age. For example an adult with a BMI of  19 has underweight, but a boy or girl from 15 years old with the same BMI has a healthy weight. Also they discussed the idea that not all students know exactly their own weight or lentgh or that they are honest about their weight. 


They also discussed their eating habits. Most of them don't eat that healthy at all! During school breaktimes they eat a lot of sweet or salted snacks, they throw away their healthy lunch and buy unhealthy snacks instead. Also not everybody eats two pieces of fruit and 200 grams of vegetables a day. They think drinking two glasses of orange juice is the same as eating two pieces of fruit.


But why are they still not overweight? Because we are a rural school and most of our students come to school by bike. Most of them have to cylce for 1 hour a day, but many even more (up to 2 hours a day). So, the students think the results could be otherwise in a city school.


We thought this to be a very intersting discussion. Thanks for the Maltese students!

Survey Analysis

One of my Biology students has done an excellent analysis of the survey investigating obesity amongst students.  The following is her work.. Great work Melanie!



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Obesity Survey

My Biology students have now analysed all the entries for this survey.  For those of you who would like to see the questions all the students were expected to answer, the following is the link:


We have now stopped receiving filled up surveys, and in fact we have worked through the analysis.  The survey was kept active for 3 weeks, and we are happy to say that 703 students answered it.  all entries were adequately completed.  Very interesting results were obtained.  Are teenagers obese?  Look at the uploaded presentation to satisfy your curiousity!  


We would like to thank all those who participated in this survey.

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