When I was in Portugal I met new children, new friends in another school because tha teacher changed school
When I was in Portugal - Escola Básica da Azenha
A weekend with Wiktoria

A weekend with Wiktoria on PhotoPeach


Before leaving Poland I spent a weekend with Wiktoria.

Wiktoria invited me to her home

 Wiktoria from class 5c invited me home. Soon I'm going to show you how I spent a weekend with her.

I was invited to school competitions

 In February Polish students took part in many school competitions and the invited me to the jury. I found out how much they know.

I took part in school competitions on PhotoPeach

I am studying together with Polish students
I am studying together with Polish students on PhotoPeach
I am visiting Polish school in Dzierżoniów
I am visiting Polish school in Dzierżoniów on PhotoPeach
They studied my life

 When I reached Poland, students have already known who I was and what I did as Kasia made a work about me and shared her knowledge with other students. I was proud of her.

And her ebook about me:




 This time they have showed what they have understood of my

character, Hippolytus. Thay have the essence of the character,

This time they represent Iphigenia.

They enjoy with my plays like if they lived in the 5th century. I’m really proud of these young friends.



Orestes, one of my plays.

Hello my  friends. While I’ve been to San Vicente de la Barquera these fantastic children have learnt a lot about me. They have searched some of my plays and they have interpreted them their own way. I am so proud of them! I just can say it is fantastic that children at 11 know my characters and my plays. I am very happy!!



I am is Spain, in San Vicente de la Barquera.

Hello! I finally am in Spain. I love this village. ANd the country as well. This is the video they recorded when I introduced myself to the students of this school. 

See you soon. 

I'm already in Lousã, Portugal

 Dear friends,


Yesterday I have arrived in Lousã, in the centre of Portugal. Lousã team was very glad to meet me as I arrived exactly on the day they usually meet. 

In the afternoon I met the eTwinning club members: Pedro Tomás, Rui, Leonardo, Ana, Cristiana, João, Ana Catarina, Ana Beatriz, Fábio, Francisco Barreto, David, Patrícia, Carla, Ana Carolina, Gabriel and Juliana.




On this session they have read my biography, all the cards made by colleagues of the different schools I have previously visited and they decided to make a card for World Children's Day, so Ana gathered some ideas and started to draw, while her colleagues were exploring the web 2.0 tool - Comic Life and they started teaching me how to work with this software to make comic strips.


Look how we make biscuits! It's funny. I enjoyed a lot with my friends.


Haciendo Galletas Copy by mariafelisa



Made by Toñi, María Félix, Angel C and our pupils

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The last Saturday, 9th of March, a Barsa club from El Toboso, went to Barcelona to see a football match Barcelona football club VS Deportivo de la Coruña football club. I went with them!! It was fantastic!  A pupil form 5th class, Rubén, invited me! I had a great time visiting the city!! Look at these photos!!

It's lunch time!

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