Twinspace Rules



I must be polite/respectful

I mustn't delete a person's work.

I can answer my partners' questions

I can create new pages.

I must write the origin of the pictures I publish.

I can edit my pages.

I can make links between pages.

I must respect people and people's work.

I mustn't edit a person's page without her/his permission.

I can make comments on other people's work.

I mustn't tell false things or insulting things about people.

I mustn't use any picture without the owner's permission

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Clever and fair rules, when I find any rules missing in the frontpage, I will contact you and ask for your agreement of publishing them ... Good job!

Posted on 08/10/12 19:50.

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Now all the child pages are to remake emoticon ?

Posted on 19/11/12 21:40 in reply to Lucie Nožková.

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