Do not hesitate! Tell us about your favourite music! What kind of music do you listen to at the break time? Or on your way to school?

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my favourite song is Opa Gangnam Style!!!!!!!!!

Posted on 18/10/12 12:53.

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I too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted on 18/10/12 12:54.

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I didn't like opa gangham style, but i like songs from one direction♥♪♫

Posted on 18/10/12 13:01.

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Hello !! I listen to much music. I prefer outdoors, reading, or ride a horse.But when I do I let something so I do not care what music it is.
Iveta Pustowková,Czech Republic

Posted on 18/10/12 13:07.

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I do not listen to much music. But I listen pop sometimes. I prefer reading, watching TV or riding a bike.
Hana H., Czech Republic

Posted on 18/10/12 13:09.

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Hello. I listen to different music. I listen to music every day. When the home is too quiet so I let the radio. Here's a song which is now my favorite: i will like you emoticon Zuzana Kulová, Czech Republic

Posted on 18/10/12 13:13.

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My favourite singer is Justin Bieber.One of the most popular is the song called Boyfriend. I have too much love Skrillex.llustration: Simoa O.,Czech Republic

Posted on 18/10/12 13:19.

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