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Towards the project end, it´s time to look back and review all the work done from project planning with the help of pupils and families:


- Project partner and activities introduction to school comunity

Exchange a traditional legend presented in pictures for partners to write it (initial mixed nationality teams)

Organise 'Story Club'(2 years on-going)

- Celebrate European Day of Languages

- Learn an action rhyme in all partner languages with the help of videos exchanged by partner schools.

Visit local library, writer´s museum, place of  legend, theatre… and exchange presentations about the activity

- Take part in a reading challenge

Collaborative adventure story online written by mixed nationality teams

Colaborative poems to illustrate by partners in mixed nationality teams

Collaborative on line drama with national characters by mixed nationality teams


And many more activities that weren´t initially planned like the adventures of our project mascot, Gran Can.


Time for acting our collaborative plays and voting our favourite collaborative stories!

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