El Pirata Okendo

Pirate Okendo wanted to kidnap a princess and steal a treasure, he thought he would be so happy, but it´s clear that love can not be kidnapped because it is free: love and friendship are cultivated like plants. And stealing is wrong, it is a matter of pirates and pirates are only nice people in stories and movies, not in real life.It´s clear that happiness is in love, not in  stolen treasures but in our hearts, we must learn to look for it. 

Through yoga exercises and story telling, this play has tried to teach us to grow taking care of our body, mind and spirit through good nutrition, exercise, relaxation, and values ​​such as empathy, respect, love and listening. 


On Thursday April 16th, on third session, we closed this fantastic yoga and theatre activity third and last session, starring actress Monica LLeó and  proposed by the Innovation Department of the Educational Authorities for the Canary Islands. 







Comenius visit to Cyprus


UK, Lithuania, Crete, Poland, Iceland and Guadeloupe partners visited Cyprus for a Comenius study visit from 28th March to 4th Aprik. The visit was a success and everyone learned a lot about the country's history,culture, gastronomy and education. The visit to 9th District school in Limassol was an enriching experience. The pupils and staff  gave us a fantastic welcome with a lovely show of music and dance. This was another great opportunity for teachers to share experiences and good educational practice. .

Thank you to Andreas Kouris our Cyprus coordinator for organising this visit. Photos will follow soon!

1 team Lithuania part drama



Platero and Koziolek Matolek in La Route Du Rhum - France

First video redording of collaborative drama! French, Polish and Spanish teachers and pupils worked together on the script, including elements from the three cultures: La Route Du Rhum, Platero and Koziolek Matolek. Well done France!

Happy World Theatre Day!




Moway in La Route Du Rhum - Spain


Good experience with Moway robots!




Towards the project end, it´s time to look back and review all the work done from project planning with the help of pupils and families:


- Project partner and activities introduction to school comunity

Exchange a traditional legend presented in pictures for partners to write it (initial mixed nationality teams)

Organise 'Story Club'(2 years on-going)

- Celebrate European Day of Languages

- Learn an action rhyme in all partner languages with the help of videos exchanged by partner schools.

Visit local library, writer´s museum, place of  legend, theatre… and exchange presentations about the activity

- Take part in a reading challenge

Collaborative adventure story online written by mixed nationality teams

Colaborative poems to illustrate by partners in mixed nationality teams

Collaborative on line drama with national characters by mixed nationality teams


And many more activities that weren´t initially planned like the adventures of our project mascot, Gran Can.


Time for acting our collaborative plays and voting our favourite collaborative stories!

World Theatre Day

 Nearly ready for 27th March, World Theatre Day!

Meeting in Sicily

Collaborative poems

 Just about to finish on-line collaborative poems,

about twenty poems and pictures!

You can see it all on our TwinSpace.


Quality Label for Dog Kennel Hill

 We are so happy to receive the QL for our project:-) The pupils from year 3 who have been working in the project since the beginning when they were in year 2 also received an Individual Pupil Quality Label which made them very happy and proud!

Visit to writer´s museum

On 22nd of October, pupils from San José Artesano School visited Tomás Morales House Museum after reading some of his poems in their classrooms and learning about his biography and Juan Ramón Jiménez. This school trip suggested in our projec planning is integrated in our learning situation for this term, "De Moguer a Moya".



International School Library Day





Quality Label

 I´ve just got my first Quality Label! I´m so happy! I´m really looking forward to tell my pupils tomorrow!

Congratulations Frence and Greece too for yours!

Book Week at DKH

We are having a Book Week from 10-14 February. A very exciting week at our school, when children will be reading and doing lots of different activities based on Fairy Tales. We will be having special assemblies and visitors will come to school to do story telling with the pupils.

There will be a dress-up day, when pupils and staff will dress up as a character from a favourite Fairy Tale.

Very exciting!!  We will be taking lots of photos and will upload them on our Twinspace.

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