Luís de Camões, Portugal

Farewell message by the end of my journey

 Dear diary, dear friends,

 I got lost somewhere but it was nobody's fault and these things happen, well  I got lost as a minigenius, but my work will never get lost and  Lousã eTwinning Club Members  have won many friends and new knowledge due to our project and "journey". It was also a way to let us know that sometimes we have to face difficulties and the most important is facing them as a team.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to participate on this journey with you!


January songs in Tojais kindergarten and Luis de Camões
Farewell trip before leaving Dzierżoniów
I spent March in Poland

Hi, I'm writing to you from Poland. I spent here a month with students of SP9 Dzierżoniów. March was full of events at this school and I had the pleasure to participate in them. See yourself. I'm very sorry I have to leave these wonderful kids :(



Lousã team tried cooking Quesada according to the recipe of our friends from S Vicente de la Barquera


We tried to cook "Quesada" at our school cookery club, we had great fun and then we all tasted this marvellous Spanish dessert, now we can try it again at home and teach our parents how to cook it, as it is so easy and delicious. Thank you Paula, for showing us how to cook it.

Thanks to our friends from San Vicente de la Barquera. We will try the other recipes too.



José Miguel teaching me to cook "croquetas" A Spanish starter

Before I left Spain I was with Jose MIguel and he showed me that he is a great cook! I learned how to cook croquetas, a very nice starter!!!



Cooking agin. This time a main course!!

 I went with Lucía and Sara. They showed me how to cook a typical main course, they eat here, in Cantabria. It is called Mountain Stew (Cocido montañés) I really enjoyed my time with them. Have a look at what we did!




Hello everyone!! I am glad to say that my friends in San Vicente de la Barquera have learnt a lot of things about my life and they have made a beautiful video, with the help of their teacher. They all have participated and have fun! I hope you like it as much as I did.




Carnival at School !!!

On Friday 8th of February , MATA LINARES SCHOOL celebrated a Carnival party, and I was invited. It was an honour to me be a guest in such occasion! I really enjoyed.Have a look at this video!!!




This time Marisol invited me to her home and I learned how to cook a Spanish omelette. It is very easy. You should try and tell me how it was. Good luck!





I learn how to cook QUESADA with Paula


Have a look at this video. I really enjoyed my lesson with Paula, it was very impressive! I learnt  how to cook a delicious dessert.

Before the 1st Trip: students explain how they've created the Genius Camões

To build  the Genius, we used an arcticuled doll and dressed it. 

To make the cothes we used these  materials: cream paper,  wire to make the crown, green paper to decorate the wire, leather to make  the shoes, and other materials you will see when you receive  Luís de Camões, Genius.


We hope you enjoy meeting him


Lousã eTwinning team

Before the Trip: Camões with Lousã eTwinning Team


Before going on his first trip our genius the epic poet Luís the Camões had the opportunity to be with us in our weekly eTwinning Club session.



 We have also made a tour with Camões around our school


At the Library

The eTwinning Club says farewell to our genius and wishes he enjoys his long trip around Europe





Preparing everything to get ready


Today we have made the last preparations, so that we could send our genius Luís de Camões on his first trip to Penafiel - Lomar



After we have written the letter of introduction we have also finished creating a cover of Os Lusíadas, the epic work by Luís de Camões


The letter of Introduction

Then we had to pack  all the materials carefully

and our genius and his work are almost ready to go on the 1st trip


We hope he enjoys the trip and we also hope you enjoy meeting him.

Luís de Camões before the first trip


Our Genius - Luís de Camões before the first trip:




Luís de Camões, our genius, visiting our school library.

You can see him next to his masterpiece - Os Lusíadas

the 1st edition of "Os Lusíadas" by Luís de Camões on youtube



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