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During Carnival in Italy children dress up as their favourite characters . This year on Carnival day in class 3 A ar via Ferraironi we invented a story about two scientists who want to invent a formula to make the pictures in the books bigger and all as pop up pictures. They work in a primary school and make an experiment on children books. But something goes wrong and from the books all the characters come out and start to run around, annoying everybody and making noise. A teacher realizes that from the books all the pictures and all the words are disappearing.. so the scientists try to make a counterpoison..

3rd Primary School of Egaleo - A Typical School Day

A Typical School Day by the 4th grade classes (D1-D2)

Teachers: Maria Andreou (D1), Kostas Katsaros (D2), Amalia Drakontaidis-Chatzitsakou (English)



Exploring My City: 6th grade at the Egaleo Metro Station
Where the streets have names
Athens classes presentations

 here some videos by greek pupils



Presentation Στ2 



Presentation Στ1
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