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Here are our questions about traditions

What do you eat for the celebrations (weddings, parties, Easter...) ?

Have you got a special music for celebrations ?

Have you got traditional dances ?

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in our country we eating the panettone or the pandoro.
no there isn't a tipical dance.

Posted on 25/10/12 08:59.

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Posted on 25/10/12 09:00.

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Hello! emoticon For christmas we eat or Pandoro o Panettone.. For easter we eat big choccolate's eggs. We haven't a special music fpr celebrations... And we haven't a traditional dance! emoticon

Posted on 25/10/12 20:40.

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Hi in our country we eat for Christmas fish,salat and potato

Jane Klapsiova

Posted on 01/11/12 10:20 in reply to Antonio Soramel.

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We, in Bavaria; Germany, have a special dance, it called "Austanzen" on our kermis. Lots of couples dance together on a dancefloor. A bouquet is passed around and the couple which has the bouquet if the music is off is the "Kermis-Day". Sorry, my english is not very well.. ;)

Posted on 26/11/12 15:34.

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