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this is what we would like to know about personality:
  • Are you avalable in your country?
  • Do you like cooking ?
  • are you very chat ?
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i'm friendly,sociable and sportyemoticonemoticonemoticonemoticonemoticon stefano

Posted on 23/10/12 12:41.

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I am sociable,dynamic and sporty.
Yes,I like cooking.

Posted on 25/10/12 08:53.

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I`m spory, too.
And I like cooking,too emoticon emoticon

Posted on 25/10/12 13:30 in reply to Riccardo Salvador.

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I'm friendly, a little bit funny, talented (I love writing and drawing), crazy and I can't separate me from the music ;) !

Posted on 25/10/12 18:11.

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I like cooking... I don't very chat!!!!emoticonemoticon

Posted on 27/10/12 12:49.

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I love to cook for my family. I enjoy cooking.
I like to reply to chat and respond to different links emoticon emoticon
I like to laugh with my friends and I love music.
I'm interested in music and playing the piano.
bye bye emoticon

Posted on 01/11/12 10:30.

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i think I'm fashionable, i love it to dance, I'm a good singer, i'm funny and and I can a lot of my songs by heart ♥♥

Posted on 06/11/12 17:43.

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You sing whit the heart emoticon ?
I understand you because when I write I write whit the heart...and It's a beautiful feeling whit the thing or the action that you try : D !

Posted on 06/11/12 22:17 in reply to Sophia Birner.

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i am friendly and i like swimming

Posted on 22/11/12 08:18.

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I'm sociable and friendly

Posted on 27/11/12 12:27.

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I am sociable, frendly, musical and sporty... but sometimes i am CRAZY! emoticon emoticon

Posted on 12/12/12 14:55.

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