Break stereotypes!


answer from Italy

Our favorite film is Madagascar 3. The most famous italian actor is Roberto Benigni. He starred in the film "La vita è bella" What kind of films do you prefer? Who is the most famous film in your country?

Our special food is pizza. We have for breakfast milk and biscuits or cereals. We have dinner at half past seven.

The most famous Italian singer is Vasco Rossi Yes,it is San Remo. Yes we have a lot of singer.

Yes,we like cooking very much yes,we are chat

The school starts at 8 o'clock The school finishes at one o'clock We have italian,maths,english,music,history,geography,tecnology,art,spanish,science,physical education We have 9 teacher

Yes,we have got physical education In our country the most famous athletes are the world football champion of 2006 I go to see a Udinese football match The favourite sport in Italy is football

For New Year we eat lentils and sausage For Christmas we eat tripes and for dessert Panettone For Easter we eat pasta with ragu of hare

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