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Hi! I'm one of the Italian students form the Italian team and in our class there are some people who loves writing and now are looking for some people to writing to you. We are 24 students but there are 12 students who loves write to you. Have you got some people for this? We are 13 years old and now we are searching some people who likes to write e-mails, chat and write in this forum. For the chat we can arrange thing whit you :) ! Let us now :D ! Bye bye

The Italian Students from 3°E

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Are you Angela´s Italian team? If yes, my students are writing replies to you ... If not, I have enough students who are interested in writing and chatting with Italian students ... No problem ... My email address:

Posted on 24/10/12 07:06.

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Yes, I'm from Angela's team emoticon! She says: Great, we are in chat on Tuesday from 12.05 to 13.00 and Thursday from8.00 to9.00
If there are students of our age we would be glad to write mails
In my classroom there are 7 students who want to have an e-mails.

Posted on 25/10/12 09:01 in reply to Lucie Nožková.

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