Break stereotypes!



The French group would like you to help them break stereotypes.

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A stereotype is a simplistic generalization of a group of people. It is often used to make fun of or to mistreat others.

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After discussing common stereotypes about ourselves and our European neighbours, we agreed that such ideas came from ignorance.

So, to break these stereotypes, we need to gain knowledge about our European partners.

We hope this collaboration will be a great opportunity to succeed in this task. .

Help us please!!!


We have started publishing questions. Our work is not finished yet.

You are more than welcome to publish questions too!

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Hi Gwenola,
Czech students are looking forward to answering your first questions. I agree with you and share your ideas. It is up to us, teachers, to show our students how different and similar our cultures and traditions can be ...

Posted on 07/10/12 20:48.

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my favourite music is club dogo!!!! emoticon

Posted on 13/10/12 12:39.

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Today Czech students began answering the French questions. It was their first oportunity to use Wiki and they enjoyed the activity a lot. They started with the topic Music. I explained them the rules - I hope they will follow them every time they are taking part in the project activities.

Posted on 15/10/12 14:10.

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Posted on 01/12/12 12:28 in reply to Mattia Schiavone.

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Posted on 01/12/12 12:56.

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