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On Safari!
Let's go on safari with our characters! Kisses, Bulgarian Team :)

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Very nice song! would you write the script of it?
We are also studying wild animals!

Posted on 29/10/12 22:25.

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Thank you, Gina! Of course, I'll send you the lyrics!
Look at here:
On Safari! On Safari!
I'm on safari today!
Look at the tiger. On safari!
Look at the monkey coming out to play!
Look at the animals. On safari!
I'm on safari today!
/ It's the same about "zebra", "snake" and "crocodile"/
At last: On Safari! On Safari!
I'm on safari today!
Kisses, Reny emoticon

Posted on 29/10/12 22:55 in reply to Gina Antonietta Mango - Carmelo Mario Martino.

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