The Characters

The Doll's House
Enjoy the video with characters of Happy House! Kisses, Bulgarian Team :)
Happy Easter Song
With love to you! Kisses, Bulgarian Team :)
Easter Gospel Song
Happy Easter to all of you! Happy Easter with one of the best children's gospel song "This little light of mine"! Kisses, Bulgarian Team :)
Let's dance together!

Look! We're dancing with you!


Gina and children!

Let's dance with Polly and Jack!
Kisses, Bulgarian Team :)
Let's colour with Spike and Ruby!
Kisses, Bulgarian Team :)
Animal sounds
Enjoy the animal sounds with our characters! Kisses, Bulgarian Team :)
On Safari!
Let's go on safari with our characters! Kisses, Bulgarian Team :)
Say "Hello!"
Kisses, Bulgarian Team :)
these are the characters chosen by us
Drawing and choosing our friends

First step of our work has been drawing a character for each kid and choosing the best ones as protagonist of the story ./ Prima fase del nostro lavoro è stata disegnare un personaggio per ogni ragazzo e scegliere i migliori come protagonisti della storia.




The title of our story will be "English with Camilla and Gabriele" and it let our children consolidate and improve  their English skills through different episodes. / Il titolo della nostra storia sarà

"English Camilla and Gabriele" e permetterà ai nostri bambini di consolidare e  di migliorare le loro competenze in Inglese attraverso vari episodi.


We're looking forward to see your characters! / Non vediamo l'ora di vedere i vostri personaggi!

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