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In this link you can find the Spanish Introductions, Enjoy them!



Teachers are writers
We'd like to present our story named Wonders, wonders, wonders... It is made by Darina and me and it will be interesting for our children. Here are another books which are created by teachers from all over the Europe. Hope that you will like them! Have a nice reading! Kisses, Bulgarian Team :)
Merry Christmas to you!
Merry Christmas from Italian Friends
Merry Christmas!


The Italian team!

What's your favourite ...?

Children talk about their favourite things/ I bambini parlano delle loro cose preferite.


We are 3 Grade B from Andrei Saguna School, Romania. We are happy to be with you in this project.
Hello everyone! SP 25 Lublin/POLAND
Hello everyone!!! on PhotoPeach
from italian friends
Bulgarian Mind Map
The Bulgarian "Authors"
Kisses, Bulgarian Team :)
The Italian "Authors"

All the best!

Italian Team

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