happy Easter

 Happy Easter from Jacò and the cildren  of pre-school Italy


Animation by Freya age 6

Santa delivers to the monster from Kate Keaveny on Vimeo.

Prezi about Jaco
settembre 2013
Meeting in Portugal

Presentation for headmasters meeting in Czech R.
Jacó left Portugal to discover Europe


My name is Juvenal,
I am the monster's Corredoura
primary .
I'm eager to meet new friends and new adventures.

Prutt is born
Gingerbread Man

Jaco sought traditions of the countries involved in the project, and discovered The Gingerbread Man According to him, this cookie first appeared at the court of Elizabeth I of England. So today, told the story of the Gingerbread Man and made the biscuits


rolo bolo SAM_0442

Happy New Year
Untitled 2
Cossie Monster -ready to visit you!

Key Stage 2 design their Monster!

Great Britain: The children in classes 3 and 4 held a competition to design the Monster we will send to you all. They worked both in school and at home on their designs and then our staff decided on the top 5 designs from each class. It was really difficult to decide on a winner as they were all so good! Eventually we chose Jemima's design as she had the clever idea of using recycled materials including a Cossington School sweatshirt. She has called him Cossie Monster and he is ready with his travel diary to begin his journey in January 2013.

Jennie Wilson



JACÒ already have your travel book nearly ready to start your trip in January

The project and the libraries of the territory

 The project and the libraries of the territory

inspired by Irene I want to inform my colleagues that in Italy the schools have made ​​arrangements with the municipal library to:
workshops aimed at primary school children: reading in the library and achievements of books on the subject fears, journal writing with insert Comenius
for pre-school: treasure hunt books scary, making puppets for scary monsters.
Period from January to April 2013
Vitamins for everyone :-)

November 2012

United Kingdom


The whole school has been working on designs for the monster.  We have been reading some monster stories and talking about the character of our monsters.  Some of the children have been drawing the monster on the whiteboard after seeing the pictures of the children in Spain drawing monsters they wanted to do the same.


We have drawn, painted and used the PC to create monster pictures.  We have let the parents know about the project through our school newsletter and have made contact with the education library about having a display of some of our work there, they are going to help to find monster stories for us to share with the children.


November 2012

Portugal: the pre-school is working:


 In Portugal started to develop the project with teachers librarians. One is a writer and wrote a book that was presented and worked with children. This book will be translated in English and will be an offer of Jacob for each school the project.
Later the children collaboratively created the monster in Pc (using the Paint program) was built in sponge and painted by children. now walks of hand in hand.
Have we built the passapote and we are creating history.
The project and some of its activities are already included in the design of the school, planning school library and public library.

At school the project was presented to the parents.
It was created in a space for each school the information  Comenius where all offers are exposed and some photos of Trutnov.

The project has also been presented at City Halland in the local newspaper

he seed was planted, watered and now we wait to go to grow




November 2012

Spain: the pre-school is working:

At my school the children are drawing the monster's body, they're doing it on the whiteboard. So far they had only drawn the monster's head.

We have printed the passport of the monster.
We also print the main pages of the travel diary of the monster.
We bought 17 new books for our school library: books for children are dealing with monsters.
We are also learning the song Prutt, the Italian monster Early Childhood Education.
 Later we also want to learnthe songs of other schools, when we have your letters and their recordings.
These are my news for now. Eager hope the news from other friendly schools.
A greeting to all.




 Italy: the pre-school is working:

created and printed identity card of the monster
created an adventure in search of our monster hiding in the garden. Soon publish all the work. we also used the qr-code and the iPad to read the messages of the monster.
We learned the song of our Spanish friends, we worked on the gifts of Czech friends.
We bought 6 books for the library on monsters.
We will invite the parents in the school laboratory to create monsters with recycled material.
We are going in January in Milan to see an exhibition of Picasso and participate in a workshop to build monsters with the works of Picasso.
We have prepared presentations of the school, local and children.
Primary School:
Book reading the GGG,
we are making the presentations of the territory, the school and the children,
we made the song monstrous
children in the fifth grade have written texts of fear that have been published in Italian, then will be translated,
will organize a workshop with parents to build monsters with recycled material.
In primary school, we are creating the wife of Org monster that will travel with him.
All three schools have organized the corner Comenius, all three schools have included the project in the curriculum of the year 2012-13


First meeting - Trutnov CZ


Teachers team

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