Message 1 : Our country, city, school

Message 1: Our country, city, school


  1. Write a presentation about your country, your city, your school and yourself in English. You can add pictures and create a powerpoint or a word document.

  2. Encrypt your presentation using substitution cipher. Keep your substitution alphabet secret !

  3. Before the 26 th of October, download your encrypted presentation in your group's folder, subfolder Encrypted messages.

  4. Decrypt the messages from the partner groups (your teacher will tell you which message you should decrypt first) and upload the deciphered message in your group's folder, subfolder Decrypted messages.

  5. When all partners have deciphered your message, upload your video message in your group's folder, subfolder Video messages. (Some video messages have been moved in a private part of the TwinSpace)



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